Flood Relief

I need to help in any way I can. The flooding last week in my home town has affected so many including my good friend Nancy Schindler. Her house was in the midst of major Susquehanna River flooding and her basement flooded causing her to lose her kiln.  But also, the studio where she does the brunt of her pottery firings at the Roberson Museum in Binghamton, also flooded.  For a self-reliant potter and jewelry designer like Nancy, this is a detrimental loss in so many ways.

For the rest of the week (9/12-9/18), I will be donating 20% of my sales in my Etsy store to Nancy's Flood relief efforts.

To up the ante, if you buy any piece with a Round Rabbit porcelain component, I will donate 40% of the proceeds to the efforts.   (keep your eye on the shop, I'm going to try to create a few more Round Rabbit pieces in the coming days)

Please type : NANCY in the Notes to Seller so that I know you saw this post. And thank you for all of your help!!


  1. So sorry to hear about Nancy. if there is anything I can do ,let me know as I have bought some ceramics from Nancy in the past.Anne.

  2. very very nice l- i am so very sorry to hear of this for nancy... it has got to be devastating...

  3. Thanks for posting this - I hadn't read Nancy's post yet.

  4. Thanks so much for doing this Lorelei. I was able to pop over to the website and make a donation.
    Also I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the bead kits you and Shannon and Lima beads put together. Brightened my day.


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