UPDATE: Shannon and I want to thank you all for deciding to join in our Limabeads challenge! All of the kits have been purchased and we are excited for you all to get your beads and get creative!  If you have purchased a kit, and are participating in the challenge, can you please leave a comment on this post so we know how many to expect? I didn't have any official sign up and I probably should have asked that people comment if they are joining in.  So, I am asking you now. ;)

Now for this, I have very few words.

 image one: this is my hometown (Candor NY) and high school. I have never seen it flood this badly in the 37 years I have been alive. Unreal.

image two: this is downtown Owego NY. My friend Nancy Schindler's house is in the midst of all this mess. I just have no words.  Never in my life have I seen it get this bad, and I have never been so worried and felt so helpless in all my life. I'm just speechless.