I Cannot Resist Purple

I just bought one of Andrew's September Challenge kits in his Big Cartel shop. Look at those beads, my gosh. I just love purple and I love the different art beads in this month's challenge. I could not resist it! I think there may be a few kits left, but he's only got 20 available, so if you want to join in on the design challenge, you might want to skip the rest of this post and head on over there now.

Speaking of challenges, I just want to say I am so pleased with how the Shadow box challenge turned out! Everyone made such beautiful and unique things! It was a fun challenge, something to get your mind racing and ideas flowing. The point of these challenges is just that.  They challenge you to think in different ways, to think outside the box, and create something that you are proud of. The blog hop allows others to view your work and I think an important aspect of a blog hop is to encourage other participants and give them props.  Comments are not required but are certainly welcomed!

I'm on the lookout for the next interesting finding for a blog hop possibly in October. But don't worry. There is going to be ANOTHER challenge in September too!  I don't want to give all the details on this post but I will say I have teamed up with my girl Shannon Chomanczuk, and a large online bead retailer, and kits have been made for you to purchase.  We'll be announcing it on the blogs around September 8th. So stay tuned!

Let me brief you on the bee problem in my house. SO we notice the other day a lot of yellow jacket activity outside by the brick chimney. There is a small space where the brick meets the siding and they are in and out of there a lot. So I BEG Joe to spray, and he did. We went to bed, yesterday we got up and went to work. When I got home from lunch, there are 4 yellow jackets in the house. By the evening, there were at least 8. Only 3 of the 8 were actually alive. The others we found were dead, clearly affected by the spray. I had found out last night that Joe had sprayed them again yesterday morning and that was what was driving them into the house. But I don't know where they're coming in. I am FREAKED OUT. I do NOT like bees. I actually am very afraid of bees. And this is just not fun for me. I want to pay the $175 to have someone come out and get rid of them for good. because we are not professionals. And I certainly do not want Joe to get stung trying to deal with it. And I really just don't want them in my house.  So this is what is preoccupying me today.

I am looking forward to a nice relaxing day at work, and then a  nice lunch with my new friend Theresa. Theresa works in Memberships office at the museum. She's supa cool, and we have fun chatting it up over lunch or coffee.  I am always so thankful for a new girlfriend that I can spend time with. I think it's important to have girlfriends nearby - they help you stay grounded, they listen to all of your hypochondriac issues, and Bee woes and they laugh at your jokes even though they're not funny. Ok, some of em are funny.

Have a good Thursday ya'all.


  1. deathly. afraid. of. bees. a beekeeper I will never beeee.

  2. I don't like bees either. Ok, I like bees but not up close and personal like you've got. Especially, those big yellow jacket types. We have bees all around our house and some of them are seriously huge. I hope you get your bee problem solved. It's giving me the shivers just thinking about having them in the house.

  3. Very pretty Challenge kit from Andrew there. Yeah what is it with purple? I am also so into it lately. One year ago I would say that is the only color I would NOT use in my jewelry. What a turn around. I would love to get one of those kits, but I've reached my budget roof for this month :-(

    I will have to nibble on next months budget for YOUR coming challenge then if I will participate. Sounds very exciting. Looking forward to find out what it is.

  4. I mowed over a yellow jacket's nest and needless to say they were not pleased with me! Attacked I was and I guess it goes without saying I am TERRIFIED of them. We have a nest over our side door and Mr. PandP just bought some chemical that you put on bait for them. They eat, go back to the nest and infect the rest of the clan. Appearantly they are carnivors-I did not know that. Anyhow if you are interested, e-mail me and I will get the info for you. It's a little pricey, but not as much as an exterminator and there is enough to last forever.
    Gorgeous beads-what a lovely color to work with. He seems to be all sold out now. (sadness sigh)

  5. Thanks so much for getting one of the kits! Lots of lovely artisan beads in this mix! And there are more surprises!

    Unfortunately, as of now, all of kits have sold out.

  6. Yipes! I'm a fan of bees actually. Especially the bumblebee (Its the fuzziness) :) They typically will leave you well alone. Yellow jackets, however, NO likey. They are very aggressive and will sting you multiple times. We have a bug in florida that looks just like them but we call them dirt dobbers. They resemble the yellow jacket but lack a stinger. I still squeal and run when I see them. Sorry to hear about the nuisance, I hope they vacate soon!

    So glad to hear you were able to snatch one of Andrew's kits. I cant wait to see what you come up with!!

  7. happy Thursday to you too! I bought a kit as well, love the plethora of beauuuutiful art beads inside....Think we call Yellow Jacket Bees wasps over here. Bumble bees I like....wasps, not so much. In fact, I hate them - I'm allergic to their sting. So I'm feeling your pain....hope you get the problem sorted. They're wee buggers.

  8. I have been stung by a yellow jacket and they are WORSE than bees. Bees can only sting you once and then they die. Yellow Jackets will keep stinging and stinging and stinging because they don't have the barb on their stinger like bees do.

    You need "Billy the Exterminator" ASAP!

  9. I agree with others - wasps are nasty, but the bumble bee is completely different, so don't be afraid of them. You can even pet them when they are still "sleepy" on a cool morning. I actually read a whole book about the bumble bee. My garden is FULL of them, and I love to see them buzzing around the flowers.
    But the wasp is not something you want around your house! Maybe they're all dead now.

  10. Anonymous9/02/2011

    I missed out on Andrew's kit, maybe I'll be quick enough to snap up one of your kits! Always love a challenge. Thanks for the heads up. And don't get stung. (You should see me dance around the yard when I see a bee. Very comical!)

  11. Anonymous9/05/2011

    we love your creations!!!!!!!
    your work is unique!!!!!1000 bravo!!
    we are glad to find you!
    You have our respect!!!kisses X2

  12. I just stumbled upon your blog -- which is weird because I'm not into beading -- but saw this post & had to comment. About 5 years ago I took my son EARLY to get his adenoids out. We were looking forward to an afternoon of REST -- & when we got home the inside of the house was SWARMING with bees -- can't remember what kind, they could have been yellowjackets. And I mean HUNDREDS of bees in our house! I was frantically calling any exterminator who could come out -- & did find someone. Somehow, the bees worked their way into our siding, into our wall & managed to make about a 1 inch hold in our ceiling. We knew we had a nest & I think my husband sprayed -- but clearly it wasn't enough. We had the pros spray again the following year as a precaution, & we really should do it every year but it's one of those things you don't think about until it's too late!



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