New Colors

Over the weekend my new colors arrived from Royalwood Ltd.  This was my first time ordering from them. I am quite happy with my purchase. I like buying waxed linen cording in spools, because it lasts so much longer than just buying short lengths of it. I think it's worth the extra cash to stock up on something like this. I picked Victorian Rose, Maroon, Purple, Denim and Dark Rust. 

They also sent me this cool color chart that shows each of the colors they carry.  And on the bottom of the chart, they show the 4 different sizes. What I ordered is the 4-ply, that's pretty common, but they also have 2 ply (which would be SO PERFECT for small holed beads like pearls or gem stones) 7 ply, and also 12 ply which would be cool for big chunky pieces with knotted wood beads. 

I definitely want to try the 2-ply next time I order. Problem is, picking a color! Each of the cords comes in like every possible color.