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My efforts continue to make some extra cash for Nancy. These 3 pieces came from last night's studio time. The cool thing about this, is that I can actually get myself to use some of these beautiful components that I have been hoarding for far too long. Like that cool bee focal. Have had that one forever! 
The holes on the Star flower pendant had me stumped but I do fancy how this one came out in the end. And the matte surface of those purple and white connectors is my favorite. I added some waxed linen "tassels" and some Vintaj Brass findings, and voila!  These are all listed now in my Etsy shop.

The thought of having to rebuild a studio from the ground up is breathtaking. I am sure that Nancy is feeling overwhelmed. This is her business, her sole source of income.  I do hope that you will consider buying one of these jewelry pieces, either for yourself or as a gift. I will be donating 40% of the proceeds for these Round Rabbit pieces, to Nancy at the end of this week.
The money will be used to replenish her equipment that was lost in the flood.

If you want to help in a bigger way, please visit Nancy's brother Jake's website where he has set up a donation page for her relief efforts. You will be able to easily donate money via Paypal.


  1. So sorry to hear about your friend's flood damage. My cousin had a flood this year and lost nearly everything in her studio so I know how devastating it can be. I hear about things like this happening so often too.

    Again so very sorry for her and all the others in the flooded area.


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