Round Rabbit Extras

Some of these are listed now, some will be listed at lunch time. These were created in conjunction with my effort to raise money to help in Nancy Schindler's flood Relief efforts. Read my post from yesterday for more info.


  1. These are gorgeous! I do love Nancy Schindler's work and what you have done with them. It is so sad to hear about her flood situation. I hope she will land on her feet (like a cabbit! ...that's what they use to call the manx cats) and be in production again soon! My prayers are going out...try to enjoy your day!

  2. Shel has left a new comment on your post "Round Rabbit Extras":

    So sorry to hear about all that Nancy's going through.

    How wonderful of you to help out a friend like this and the items you've created to do so are beautiful as usual!

    Best wishes to Nancy and everyone back East having troubles w/storms and flooding - my heart goes out to them.

  3. Abeille à miel has left a new comment on your post "Round Rabbit Extras":

    Such beautiful work, Lorelei!! I love Nancy's work and will do what I can to promote these.

  4. I left a donation at her brother's site; sorry for her hard times and all the destruction.
    Thanks for letting us know about this. Joan T


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