speak to me beads, speak to me!

the bead soup went from the bowl to the beading mat.

speak to me beads! SPEAK TO ME!

i do hope they say something soon,
as the Bead Soup Party is THIS SATURDAY!


  1. Lovely beads. I know you will make something fabulous with them. If you're like me, ideas tend to come at the last minute, which can be both good and bad, and makes for some nail-biting moments and occasional fits of frustration.

  2. I'm all finished and just scheduled my blog post for 1 AM on 9/17. How much do you totally hate me right now? LOLO

    Seriously, though, you'll come up with something totally amazing any minute now...I know you will!

  3. I totally agree with Silver Parrot. You are so talented. I admire your work. I'm sure your design will be fabulous.
    Have fun on party day!

  4. You Can Do It!!! Throw a few spices into the pot and it will all come together. Besides don't we all work better under pressure.

  5. I love those flowers. I have some in turquoise and in white. I am looking forward to your reveal because I have found them difficult to fit into a pattern.

  6. I'm with SilverParrot ;) I used half my soup mix to make 3 necklace & earring sets and have my blog scheduled to post.... but it took me until just last week before I ever really started! I still feel guilty that I have all these beautiful beads left over lol Do what I did, turn on some music that really pulls at your heart and soul... and get to work :)We're all looking forward to seeing what you come up with :D

  7. I can't wait to see all of the cool jewelry goin' on this Saturday!

    I am sure you made something tasty.

  8. Mine haven't spoken to me either, and it's Thursday!!!! But then again, I work best under pressure. :)


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