Weekend Wrap up

I did have a productive weekend. I worked on my display for my upcoming outdoor show this coming weekend, Harvest Festival in Sharon Springs, NY.  I will be there Saturday and Sunday if you are in the area, come on over! I think it's going to be a blast.

Anyway, I'm sure that if you have been on Pinterest, you must have seen this picture flying around the boards:
Very inspiring! I have been fantasizing about this set up since I saw this image. It came from Hello, Friend.

I already had some of these wooden crates. So Saturday I was able to set up table #1, with what I had at home. Here is a pic:

I bought some linen covered busts and they'll fit into the display somewhere. In the emptiness above the bracelet bar in the box at the right,  I inserted eye pins and hung string for this effect:

and in the other empty box, I added hooks at the top for this effect:

Then, on Sunday I went out antiquing to several local stores to find more boxes. I found enough for table #2. It's been fun putting it all together.

Here are a few more empty spaces for small bracelet holders and busts. I bought a few old spools, added hooks and it makes a great necklace display. Gotta sneak a few owls in there too!  I will probably do another section of slate tiles in front of this display like in table #1.

The best find of the day though was this dress form! I am pretty stoked and never thought I'd ever run into one, especially for $30.  She's a beauty with cool adjustable plates.

Yesterday, my friend Theresa, who is helping me out with the show this weekend, came over and we did a practice run at setting up the tent.  It was a bit challenging but we got it. I just hope when they give us our spot, we'll end up on grass.  I think I even figured out the weight issue.
Going to bungee some 20 lb weights on each leg. Hopefully that'll do it.