Frosty Morning

Very cool frosty patterns on my car this morning. It was definitely the first hard frost we've had. Unfortunately it killed my pretty potted plants on the front porch but I knew it would happen eventually. Cannot believe that Halloween is only 3 days away.  Where did October go? and Sept? Aug?! and July!?! Where did the Summer go? Geesh.

I had fun capturing some of my plants this morning, sporting a nice icy covering.

Trip to the gym went well. Felt a little bit like a hamster but I figure that will go away eventually. I used the elliptical machine.  Have no idea how to spell it OR use it for that matter. I'm sure I looked like a lunatic on it.  But it worked up quite the sweat so I figure I probably was doing it right.
I have ambitious plans to go to Zumba tomorrow morning.  We'll see.