Gotta Love Pinterest

Pinterest: the most awesome place to find inspiration of all kinds.


this outfit above, inspired this necklace below:

Not sure how Pinterest works?  Basically, you're familiar with favoriting items on Etsy right? Well Pinterest allows you to favorite any item on the internet, and pin them to your own custom made design boards. THAT is stinkin' brilliant. I'm totally addicted. Like I don't have ENOUGH time sucking things in my life right now.


  1. Lorelei -
    What a gorgeous necklace! And it is def a perfect match for that outfit... actually, it Makes that outfit! I, too, am a Pinterest Addict. Sometimes it's sort of a wish list and sometimes a dream list! It's a blast to see what others pin, too.

  2. Yes, I'm an addict as well. I've learned to limit my time for a few minutes though.

    GREAT necklace and I love how you've paired it with that cute outfit.

  3. I love your necklace! It represents your inpsiration outfit so perfectly!

    While I enjoy pinterst, I know I don't use it to its full potential. About once a week I browse, usually with a blog post in mind, so I'm searching for something specific. And I didn't know you could take items you see around the web and pin them. That's awesome!

  4. Love the colors, they really POP! I got too many things sucking time out of my life right now to check out Pinterest, but I will put it on my neverending list...

  5. Wow, that necklace is the bomb! I love all the gorgeous colors. I will be sure to check out pinterest. It sounds amazing. Thanks

  6. Hi Lorelei,
    Happy Sunday!!
    LOVE this necklace- I have those orange bead and I love how you used them without making them into pumpkins!! I kept looking at my leftover "pumpkins" wondering what to do with them and now you have given me inspiration!
    I am spending today "with the beads" (hopefully uninterruppted) as well. I was wondering since you posted yesterday about beading all weekend,do you ever get as much done as you think you will or are you like me? Thngs seem to take so much more time than I think they should and I wind up frustrated at my relative lack of progress. The actual beading may not take so long but my decisions on what to bead and how and what colors to use seem to take forever. Maybe I have too much to choose from? Perish the thought!
    Can't wait to see what else you come up with this weekend!
    Rosemarie Cowit

  7. I just followed you on Pinterest. I am kind of addicted, too.

    Lovely piece as always!

  8. I'm fast becoming a fan of pinterest! I love the colors in your inspiration outfit and how you used them in your lovely necklace. It's perfect for a fall festival or coffee with the girls.

    P.S. below is an easy to follow tutorial of how to add a "pin it" button to all your blog posts.

  9. I love that outfit! The colors are right up my alley, how could you not be happy in that!! =D I love how your translated it into a Lorelei original. Fabulous!!

  10. Love the outfit and love the necklace you made from its inspiration! The orange really makes it pop! I love Pinterest, though it can be dangerous! :)

  11. Burgnewel10/17/2011

    Absolutely love the necklace. It's gorgeous. I was recently told about Pinterest from one of my clients, too. Love love love the color scheme with the chain you used.

  12. Totally agree Lorelei... Love Pinterest! And yet - huge time suck. They are a San Francisco start up still considered in Beta Mode. I just read a week ago, they closed a round of $25 million in funding from one of the biggest Venture capital funds in Silicon Valley - so they are going to be able to stick around - but I am assuming we are going to see big changes in the near future to monetize it so it can keep going. They are now my biggest source of traffic to my blog.

  13. I love the necklace! Nice collours

  14. That necklace IS the perfect inspiration piece to go with that photo! I love it!!


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