Harder than it looks

I saw a few designs in yesterday's hop that incorporated wire wrapped around Sari silk. Let me tell you. It's a lot harder than it looks. I was inspired by the Sari designs and last night, put together this necklace where I used some gunmetal wire wrapped around a delicious green sari ribbon. I added some pale green seed beads onto the wire. I fought and fought with it. I'm not sure if I would do it again. But the necklace is pretty cool. I used a new pendant from the Adorned Life line by Rebecca Nunn (at michaels) It took me awhile but I figured out that it opens and so I replaced the images that were inside with some cool paper that I bought from talented artist Valentina of ValentinaDesign. It's two sided, with similar color palettes on both sides.

Simple chain up the back and a Tierra Cast toggle finishes the piece off. One thing I need to get is some more antiqued silver clasps. I am always at a shortage for these. Got plenty of copper and brass. Never enough silver.

Looking forward to a solid day and a half of beading, as Joe is out of town at a conference all weekend. It's just me 'n the beads. Hope you all have a good weekend!