Jade Scott Update

Come on by Jade Scott's shop for an update today at 2pm (3pm est)!


  1. I LOVE the flowers in the picture!! Are those Jade's? Gorgeous!!

  2. Gasp! I've got to get me some! These are just gorgeous!

  3. I blinked and all kinds of stuff happened on your blog/in your life! I hope you're getting lots of rest and liquids. I'm sending you a big hug, good luck at the gym (eek)!

  4. Oh, these are so beautiful!

  5. Anonymous10/21/2011

    Those are such pretty flowers. One day I will try enameling like that. I bought a book so I'm headed in the right direction. As for filling in the shadows of the bracelets use a silver reflector this will give you the added pop you need. Another thing you can do is move the light so that they are more inline with the eye of the camera. Think of it like this: If you were in a totally dark room looking at your self in the mirror and are shining a flashlight in back of your head your face would be dark. So basically have the lights shining from the view of the camera. I could write a book on photographing jewelry! Good luck and I hope your stress has subsided.



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