Light Tent

The doctor's appt yesterday was fine. A bit humiliating. I won't get into all the gory details. But overall, there wasn't anything abnormal. The stress test didn't trigger any palpitations. Heart looks strong. Gotta go back in February for a check up.

The light stand situation was rectified and the seller is shipping me another light stand! YAY!

Today was a great opportunity to try it out since it's gloomy and rainy. So I just attached the light head to the tripod and had a light on each side of the tent.
Now. This is like a whole new beast for me. Its clearly going to take some practice. It's like I have to learn to take pictures all over again.

If you use a light tent and have tips, please feel free to leave comments! I understand these are pretty shitty. So you don't have to comment about that.

This one came out pretty cool. I like this shot because you can see the bird really well. The lights pop.  But there are still some shadows.

Here is one on slate instead. I like it but don't like the glare. Maybe a more matte slate would be better.

This one came out pretty good- I like it on the slate better than on the white.

This bracelet was just a test piece for me. I like the bracelet but hate the pictures. It's hard to photograph a cuff in my opinion.

Took a wide buttery soft piece of leather, and slid on one of Nancy's Round Rabbit buckles. I layered a beautiful Shell button that I got in Madrid, on top of it with some magenta hemp cording.

The best part is the closure. I used 2 brass findings from Diver - attached them to one end of the leather by threading the leather through the half circles and securing it with hemp cording. It's a bit messy. Yea, really crude. I should figure out how to do eyelets but that's another blog post.

So then the strap is adjustable.

The brass findings are cool, like a half circle shape. Here's a link to them at Diver.

Here's the last one. Nice on the slate, still some glare. The white is pretty cool, but for some reason it's grainy. I am still having some trouble with my camera. Once I focus the picture the picture on the viewer goes from perfect light, to very dark and ends up taking a dark picture. Nancy thought it was the light meter in the camera. I just don't know how to fix it and keep forgetting to take it into a shop to see if they can help me.