The LimaBeads Challenge

Welcome to the Limabeads Challenge! Shannon Chomanczuk (ForMySweetDaughter) and I teamed up and picked out some beautiful beadies from They created custom made beading kits with the beads we chose and a number of people purchased the kits. They've created beautiful things with the beads and today is the reveal day for everyone to show off their finished projects!

But first, take a gander at mine!

I wire wrapped the lavender Czech glass rondelles and the lemon chrysoprase ovals on copper headpins and dangled them from some round link copper chain.  To add interest I added some barbell chain around the back.

My second piece is a beaded bracelet. I used the chunky Turquoise Zebra Jasper Tumbled Nuggets, the abalone barrel, and the purple glass flower buttons in this asymmetrical design. I really like how this piece turned out- and the Vintaj Brass toggle finishes it off so nicely.

And my final piece, another necklace was the most challenging. I didn't realize when picking them out what a challenge these heishi pearls would be. Had they been drilled in the center, I would have had more luck with this design but being that they are drilled at one end, they don't lay as flat as I would like them too. I kept the design asymmetrical and beaded up one side with the lemon pearls, and up the other with the square seed beads, and some additional purple Czech rondelles that I had in my stash.

I created a layered pendant by wire wrapping the Vintaj Brass Framed scrollwork pendant with a Lilly Pilly etched shell pendant. The shell pendant matches perfectly with the other green beads. I finished the piece off with the MissFickleMedia toggle clasp at the back.

Unforunately, my project that I had originally planned with the Ribbon, did not end up working out and then I ran out of time to create something new with the remaining ribbon. I also didn't get a chance to use the large faceted green glass rounds, and the purple glass briolettes. I'm sure they'll get into something eventually!

I am so anxious to see what Shannon created and check out the other participants!

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  1. Love them Lorelei! I think you did a fantastic job!

  2. Well, because I like simple designs best and I like all things chain...I love the 1st necklace! What a lovely design!

  3. Lorelei, It comes as no surprise that I love everything you made. My favorite is that first necklace--not fussy, but still stunning in an understated way. The bracelet is just gorgeous, and I love how you added the lilly pilly shell to the metal pendant.

    Thanks to both you and Shannon for putting this challenge together for us. I had a blast!

  4. Lovely Lorelei! My favourites are the first necklace and the bracelet.

    And thank you so much for arranging this together with Shannon. Awesome!

  5. Thanks for hosting and having such excellent taste in the bead selection department. Love your designs. Always so contemporary, hip and clean. Two thumbs up!!

  6. Stephanie LaRosa10/08/2011

    Great pieces, love that bracelet! You guys did a great job picking out beads.

  7. Beautiful pieces Lorelei, the bracelet is my favorite.

  8. Such beautiful creations! The first necklace is my favorite. The simplicity of it allows the beads to be the star. I love the beads that you and Shannon picked out.

  9. Your bracelet is super super wonderful--great and surprising contrast between the flowers and the chunky beads. Love all your pieces. thanks so much for doing this and picking out such lovely beads.

  10. Oh man, don't you love Limabead?!I used to be totally addicted to that site when I was making beaded jewelry. I've not checked them out for so long.

  11. As always, you set the bar with your beautiful pieces. I especially love the first necklace. Lovely! Thank you so much for hosting this challenge - I'm definitely looking forward to the next one! :)

  12. Love all of them, such beautiful pieces. Thanks to you and Shannon for organising this challenge, it's been a lot of fun to join in.

  13. Great job girl!
    I am just hopping now, it was a crazy busy day.
    I can't believe we picked the beads and were just as challenged as everyone else.
    This was such fun, can't wait to do it again :-)

  14. Lorelei, as always, your work is gorgeous. I adore the bracelet. I would not have thought to pair the nuggets and the flower beads, but they work so well together. Thanks to you and Shannon for arranging the challenge!

  15. Oh gosh, these are all so nice. I especially like the bracelet with the line of purple flowers! (Those beads stumped me, heh.) I also really like your layered treatment of the filigree in the second necklace. It looks fab with the shell pendant! Thank you for hosting this challenge, it was a good one! :)

  16. They are all so fantastic!! Your work always is gorgeous!!

  17. They're lovely, Lorelei! I love the bracelet - I never would have put those beads together in a million years, but you made them look great! I purchased a kit, but with some life events over the past six weeks, I wasn't able to complete my pieces. (Lost my job, dad got sick, etc.). I'm so sorry I wasn't able to play along.

  18. Stunning work, Lorelei. I love that you embraced violet for this project and that like always, you came up with pretty and rustic, perfectly!


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