Let me first entice you with some pretties- These beads were ordered this morning over coffee.
Delicious!! Flat slabs of labradorite and this new stone on the bottom is called
Mexican Obicular Jasper! Just the name is sexy alone, I can't wait to see the beads in person!
These are both from


Okay, so.  Let's catch you up on some other randoms.
Remember the other day I posted about the whole Etsy name change? Well I went ahead and did it. My new shop name URL is:
It's got a nice ring to it eh? Tis a bit long to type out but it does the trick.  Hopefully all goes well, so far so good.

In 2 more days (waiting for payday)  I will be a proud new member of Planet Fitness. Unfortunately because gyms in my area suck ass, I can't just get everything I want from one gym, but instead will have to use the machines at P.F. and then go to Studio 55 to take classes like Zumba, Yoga, Pilates and the like.  Planet Fitness doesn't offer any classes.  This will be the first time ever that I have belonged to a gym. That's crazy. I'm kind of excited. And I do love to people watch so I'm sure it will be entertaining when I go there. Plus I have 3 friends (including my husband) who have memberships there so there is bound to always be someone to work out with. Right?? I am trying hard to justify it all in my head. 

This new development in my lifestyle is going to cause problems in another important area of my life. My jewelry business.  Because I spend every waking moment glued to my freakin computer. Things are going to have to change once I start attending the gym and dancing to all this Zumba nonsense.  So let me run this by you.  I think I have decided to do scheduled shop updates like 1-2 times a week instead of listing new items every day.  I know there is a big risk with this. One, my head my explode if I change my whole routine. And two, customers might get mad, or possibly new shoppers on Etsy won't see me as much as maybe they do now? I don't know. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe it's more about all the tags and relevancy that gets a shop seen these days. Frankly, I don't understand the science of it all.  My next challenge, is to actually pick which
day(s). As you all know, listing is a process and if I am working full time, when do I pick a day to list a million things. Because you know what will happen. With all of this other free time, I'll be making twice what I normally make and then will have like a bajillion items to list in one sitting and it would take me a day just to list them all. ok, I may be exaggerating.  a tad.

In other news, I have been asked to write something for someone's really important something and I am super scared and excited and wish I could say more but it's not for me to say this early. I promise I'll tell you sometime soon, but wow. It's pretty amazing. I am terrible at secrets but will have to keep this one a while longer.

happy monday!


  1. I love the labradorite!!!
    As for the Zumba stuff - good luck :)

  2. Zumba is phenomenal. It can be teacher dependent but I find that 2 one hour sessions a week really works for me, fitness wise.

    Though my jewelry "business" already suffers due to my lack of ability to motivate myself, so my fitness isn't a huge time suck right now.

    I wish you luck!

  3. How about 2 to 3 days a week, with one of them being a weekend day? I don't think the people who follow you are going anywhere. Your health is more important, and if you don't take care of yourself first, you won't be able to take care of anybody else. (You're still young enough that those chickens haven't come home to roost yet, but trust me, the day will come.) Once you get going on all this and get the exercise integrated into your schedule, things will fall into place better than it looks like they will at this point.

  4. Those beads are beauties! Can't wait to see what you create with them. Good luck with the gym and fitting it into your schedule. After switching your routine around a bit, the new schedule will be fine. I have a (silly?) question for you about changing the name of your shop on etsy. Don't you have an official name of your business? Like the one you filed with the state? Why not use that official name? (Just curious - sorry for the questions.)

  5. My DBA is Lorelei Eurto

  6. I love those labradorite beads, can't wait to see what you create with them! Have fun at the gym!

  7. Could you please give me a kick in the backside to go off and do some actual regular exercise? I walk but I don't do nearly enough of it. I think that you will do just fine with updating your shop a few days a week rather than everyday. I don't understand all of that relavency stuff either but clearly re-listing and such is not part of the strategy to get people into your shop. I am convinced that you already do what it takes to get people there in your shop. And the secret...well I am waiting, errrh, patiently waiting.

  8. Well your DBA fits right in with your new etsy name. Makes great sense. Again, sorry if it was a silly question. Have a fantastic evening!

  9. I so need to follow your lead and get to the gym. Maybe next week...

  10. Yay for you doing all this exercise while working full-time and having such a successful business. I started my walking routine again this past weekend but my motivating factor was that I unexpectedly lost my full-time job Thursday morning and have WAY too much free time and TOO many pounds!!
    You will have more time to do what needs to be done than you reaize-these coomputers are huge time sponges!!

  11. Congrats on the gym. Hope you enjoy it. And I love that Jasper. I have a real affinity for everything Jasper and hadn't seen this one before.

  12. You are wonderful. Don't worry! :)

  13. I am very impressed with your gym intentions! I went regularly for about a year before my wedding but haven't been since (Over a year ago...)...however, I've just signed up to a yoga class, so that's one slot a week! And I've bought An underwater mp3 for some swimming action. Now the question is, can one bead on a treadmill...??!

  14. I agree with Sara :-)


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