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I was invited to be a regular contributor of a new blog hosted by Heather Powers of Humblebeads & Art Bead Scene.  It's called Earrings Everday and features handcrafted earrings Monday through Friday. On the weekends you'll find great posts about earring display, earring cards, etc etc.  It really is a fantastic idea for a blog and a great place to show off our earrings that are available for sale.  Come on over and read about all of the other contributors in today's post! Meet the Team! Wednesday will be my first earring post!

OK wait!
Before you go, watch this - one of my favorite scenes in my new favorite movie, Bridesmaids. That Kristen Wiig, she's HilAriOuS!


  1. The blog sounds great! Thanks for sharing the video...too funny!

  2. "it's comin' out of me like LAVA"!!
    THE funniest movie EVER!! :)

  3. LOVE that movie!!
    "Your'e in the wrong decade" "You are" LOL!
    What a fantastic new Blog idea, cant wait to keep up with it :)

  4. Anonymous11/01/2011

    I LOVE that movie too! Holy Cow, so hilarious! I bought a copy of it and the girl at the register said to me, "My Mom saw that movie, she said it was terrible!" I said, I am buying it for my husband, she said, "That's Weird!" Love it when someone is employed and tried talking people out of buying merchandise!

    She is an amazing actress! Thanks for sharing the clip!

    Looking forward to checking out Earrings Everyday! A great idea for a new website!

    Thanks! Kris

  5. Bridesmaids is awesome! A group of us girls went to the movies to see it for a bachelorette party. So fun!


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