Saturday Randoms

I am heading to a baby shower today.  It's a boy.
I decorated my own gift bags, and embellished the bags with teal grosgrain ribbon and pacifiers. :)

Last week, Joann who works at my post office, asked me to revamp a bracelet that she had on,  with this focal.
It breaks my heart that her son might be at war.
I removed the black leather it was on and wire wrapped matte black rounds on silver wire, and salvaged the lobster clasp. I added a sweet little copper heart charm, dangling from a hole in the focal that didn't hold anything before.

On a trip to Michaels, I found some new goodies - a fab new line called ADORNED Life by Rebecca Nunn. I can only assume that this is one of the Nunn's from Nunn Design. These are fantastic. I love everything- and the pendants are nice and weighty! Great quality, which you can always expect from Nunn!

I am excited about these hollow tubes.  The brain gears are a-turning.

My new invitations arrived for this year's Open House. Instead of different images on each one, I used one image, that I embellished with some cool lettering.
Save the date! Nov 5!

Be sure to check out yesterday's post to see Andrew's September beading challenge results. I think I posted a day too soon.


  1. Love your cards Lorelei, those are adorable. Your gift packaging is awesome. I spotted the Nunn designs pendants and things at Micheal's too a trip may be in order. Have a great weekend.

  2. What a super cute baby gift bag! And I love the revamped bracelet, so sweet. Your invites look fantastic and the new found Michael's goodies are super cool. And all around yea, yea, yea, yea :)
    Have a great weekend sugar.

  3. Anonymous10/01/2011

    Wow! what gorgeous cards!! Your photography is always so amazing.

  4. Love your new format! and your new beads!!!

  5. LOL i just looked at your post as I was leaving my SIL house - her new baby was enjoying that same pacifier!

  6. Cute baby gift, and I see your bags have owls! Joann will cry when she sees her "new" bracelet! And the Adorned items from Michael's look pretty useful! Beautiful invitations, hope it's a great success!

  7. Lovely randoms! I love the postcards, they look great. I'm planning an open house of sorts - I want to trial run a show set up and so thought it'd work to invite people over and if they wanted to stock up for Christmas to go ahead. I don't think our house is quite as big as yours it won't look quite so beautiful and inviting as yours I'm sure.

  8. Love how you personalized your packaging! Looks great! And the revamped bracelet is lovely...and I hear your sentiments 100%. Love the postcards! Your eye and look is so distinctive :)

    *running to Michaels*

  9. The gift is just beautiful! I also love your invites.They are beautiful! The finds are awesome too!. Have a wonderful Sunday!

  10. the bracelet is beautiful. i worry so much our young men and woman at war. the bracelet is a beautiful way to keep him close to her heart.

  11. Hey Lorelei, love your blog. Do you know how to open the Adorned Life glass pendants by Rebecca Nunn? I want to put another pic inside and I have done everything to try and get these things open. Or are they permanently closed and I just don't know about it? thanks.

  12. Hey Rona,
    there is a textured ring below a Spring, pull the ring up towards the top bail. this will expose the lip at the top of the glass and it will open. its really hard to explain.


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