Saturday Randoms

I am heading to a baby shower today.  It's a boy.
I decorated my own gift bags, and embellished the bags with teal grosgrain ribbon and pacifiers. :)

Last week, Joann who works at my post office, asked me to revamp a bracelet that she had on,  with this focal.
It breaks my heart that her son might be at war.
I removed the black leather it was on and wire wrapped matte black rounds on silver wire, and salvaged the lobster clasp. I added a sweet little copper heart charm, dangling from a hole in the focal that didn't hold anything before.

On a trip to Michaels, I found some new goodies - a fab new line called ADORNED Life by Rebecca Nunn. I can only assume that this is one of the Nunn's from Nunn Design. These are fantastic. I love everything- and the pendants are nice and weighty! Great quality, which you can always expect from Nunn!

I am excited about these hollow tubes.  The brain gears are a-turning.

My new invitations arrived for this year's Open House. Instead of different images on each one, I used one image, that I embellished with some cool lettering.
Save the date! Nov 5!

Be sure to check out yesterday's post to see Andrew's September beading challenge results. I think I posted a day too soon.