Wednesday Wrap Up

Here's what's happening my neck of the woods:

yesterday I got this:
But it only came with one of the light stands. I got the lamp part but not the stand. WTF? So I have been emailing Amazon to rectify the situation. It was a third party seller so Amazon can only give me a partial refund which would be fantastic if Amazon sold just 1 light stand without the lamp. But they don't. So then emails were written to the seller. Next, the manufacturer. I would like to use this as soon as possible because it's way too dark in the morning now to photograph jewelry. So hopefully it will all work out soon.

Today at 11:00 I am going into the Cardiologist for a Stress Test. Apparently they don't believe me when I tell them my A-Fib heart palpitations have never sprouted up due to physical activity but instead they come out of nowhere when I am the most calm. Like right out of bed. But Doctors being Doctors, they want to try the Stress test to see if they can trigger the A-Fib to happen. If that happens, I don't know what to expect. Probably a visit to the hospital again. Will try to keep you posted.

I got a big pile of these to play with:

Ruby Jade from   I'm not sure what happened here. Clearly I lost my mind and ordered enough so that I wouldn't have to order again in a decade, OR I thought they were possibly never going to sell them again.  Either way, I have a shitload.
I made some earrings with 4 beads this morning in some earrings. Only 5700 more to go!

Oh yea.
one more thing.
Yesterday I found some pictures taken of my at a work event recently. I must say, it was the straw that broke this camel's back. There is no reason that I should look like that- I have clearly put on some serious weight. It's funny. I actually thought I looked good that night. Clearly, I was mistaken.
So, a new topic that you will have to read about on the blog is my new journey forward. I am joining the gym. That's right. You've heard it here first! I will be joining the gym, and will be trying to change my diet so I can get healthy. It has been on my mind for some time. There will be no crazy dieting because that just ain't my thang. But I will be trying to make better eating decisions. And the fact that I am typing it here, will make me do it because now I've bibled it. (that's a Kardashian term in case you've never heard it)  So, sadly, no more pinterest. Because yesterday alone I repinned several  very bad for you recipes on a new board I created. And I just can't "go there".
So don't tempt me!