Wednesday Wrap Up

Here's what's happening my neck of the woods:

yesterday I got this:
But it only came with one of the light stands. I got the lamp part but not the stand. WTF? So I have been emailing Amazon to rectify the situation. It was a third party seller so Amazon can only give me a partial refund which would be fantastic if Amazon sold just 1 light stand without the lamp. But they don't. So then emails were written to the seller. Next, the manufacturer. I would like to use this as soon as possible because it's way too dark in the morning now to photograph jewelry. So hopefully it will all work out soon.

Today at 11:00 I am going into the Cardiologist for a Stress Test. Apparently they don't believe me when I tell them my A-Fib heart palpitations have never sprouted up due to physical activity but instead they come out of nowhere when I am the most calm. Like right out of bed. But Doctors being Doctors, they want to try the Stress test to see if they can trigger the A-Fib to happen. If that happens, I don't know what to expect. Probably a visit to the hospital again. Will try to keep you posted.

I got a big pile of these to play with:

Ruby Jade from   I'm not sure what happened here. Clearly I lost my mind and ordered enough so that I wouldn't have to order again in a decade, OR I thought they were possibly never going to sell them again.  Either way, I have a shitload.
I made some earrings with 4 beads this morning in some earrings. Only 5700 more to go!

Oh yea.
one more thing.
Yesterday I found some pictures taken of my at a work event recently. I must say, it was the straw that broke this camel's back. There is no reason that I should look like that- I have clearly put on some serious weight. It's funny. I actually thought I looked good that night. Clearly, I was mistaken.
So, a new topic that you will have to read about on the blog is my new journey forward. I am joining the gym. That's right. You've heard it here first! I will be joining the gym, and will be trying to change my diet so I can get healthy. It has been on my mind for some time. There will be no crazy dieting because that just ain't my thang. But I will be trying to make better eating decisions. And the fact that I am typing it here, will make me do it because now I've bibled it. (that's a Kardashian term in case you've never heard it)  So, sadly, no more pinterest. Because yesterday alone I repinned several  very bad for you recipes on a new board I created. And I just can't "go there".
So don't tempt me!


  1. Burgnewel10/19/2011

    lol. I hear ya. Seems my wheels are spinning the same way.

  2. Mmmmm, those beads look good enough to eat! Love the color and shine.

    So sorry about the frustration with the light stands. While I love Amazon, I don't like that they play the part of the seller when it suits them, and then they play the part of the middle man when something goes wrong. But I keep buying anyway.

    Hubby has these A-Fib palpations only when he is resting (in the recliner). His doctor said it's easier to feel them when you are at rest, but they often happen at other times too, but you may not feel them since you are moving around. Good for you for seeing the doc on this.

    Happy Wednesday.

  3. You've inspired me to hop over to Lima Beads and purchase some ruby jade! It's gorgeous!! Good luck with your medical tests and new lifestyle. :-)

  4. Good luck with your stress test! I hope everything checks out okay!

    And good luck with the getting healthier plan! I know the feeling when you see "The" picture.... Hey, if you have the iPhone I recommend the Fitness Pal's free and a bit of a motivator. I like to use it to get my eating back on track...I gotta work on that whole exercise thing...I HATE exercising.

  5. Lorelie, I hope you're ok. My daughter was diagnosed with PSVT this year. She's having surgery next month to remedy the problem. Your symptoms sound very similar to hers. Please google it and do a little reading on it. Unless they catch you in the middle of an attack it is very difficult to detect.

    PS hope your parts for your photo booth come in your work and best of luck! J.

  6. Oh Lorelei
    Love checking your blog each morning- like a quick check-in with a good friend that never ceases to make me smile or giggle!
    Love shitload of ruby jade- looks like something I would do-order enough for a ruby jade emergency!!
    They are BEAUTIFUL though!!
    Good luck withyou MD appointment and the getting in shape. Need to get in shape myself-you may have given my just the motivation I need. Blog about it definitely- we can do it together!

  7. You're gonna love your pop-up tent for photos - once you get the light thing in order - I love mine. Being in AZ, I usually have tons of naturaly light but am finding I really do need some lights on stands!

    also, w/the heart thing, becareful. Eating healthy will probably help. It might be tough at first, but once you get into it, you'll love the effects and how all those good veggies and things make you feel!

    It's tough going through all the heart tests - I know cause the hubby had a massive heart attack at age 40 and now has a defibrilator in his chest. So take care and I'll be sending out positive thoughts and vibes for you!

  8. love those ruby beads..great color for Fall and the Holidays or any ol' time.
    good luck with your test today.
    Lol i saw "THAT" photo of myself not long ago... a wth moment for far lost 12 lbs..more to're doing the right thing..using the gym for the winter will knock those lbs right off.

  9. I always use B&H Photo for my camera supplies; I've bought numerous separate pieces from them, so they might have a stand if you can't find them elsewhere. Good luck! And I hope that you get some answers soon about the medical issues, too.

  10. Hi Lorelei--
    I know the feeling of seeing a picture of yourself and being shocked--uuggh.
    I wanted to recommend a book I'm reading right now called Eat, Drink and Be Healthy. No crazy diets--just good sound advice.
    It's by Walter Willett.
    I'm reading it in hopes that eating better will help me to feel less tired. Best of luck to you,Eileen

  11. Good luck with the stress test. Wow, love that ruby jade! Might have to get some myself! :)

  12. Check out the blood type diet :)
    Different foods are recomended according to what your ancestors ate.For example, I'm type A and my ancestors were the people that settled down to farm and there fore should be vegetarian. If you're B your ancestors were nomads and you can handle dairy and meats that were herded. If you're type O your ancestors were hunter/gatherers and you should eat lean red meat, veggies, and almost no carbs. If you're AB then its a combination of a/b. It's more involved than that, and theres a few books. Best of luck. Do you know your blood type?

  13. Those beads are fabu!

    I can so relate to your last topic. I've had pics taken of me and looked back at them and was blown away by how out of shape I am. I've never really been "in shape", but it was still a real eye opener.

    On a positive note, I got my BeadStyle mag the other day and saw not one, but TWO of your necklaces in there. I bow down to you! :)

  14. I love your honesty. I do want to comment on how awesome your book looks and can't wait til it is out. Plus, having too many beads can't be that bad, right?

    Also, I feel your pain about the photos. Every time I go out with the girlfriends and there's photos on FB the next day I get so depressed about the way I look. I guess it's best to use it as motivation!

  15. Dear girl, hope your test go ok and wanted to tell you about a book that saved me. My nephew go married in September and I knew I couldn't go to the wedding looking like I did. Went to Weight Watchers and it failed. I got the book called "The 17 Day Diet" by Dr. Michael Moreno. I started on May 5th and August 5th I was down 20 pounds. It was the easiest thing I have ever done. No starving, no counting, no weighing. You do it in 17 day increments. You eat healthy protein, lots of vegetables, 2 fruits a day and 2 probiotics. I bought low carb yogurt. You drink green tea and try to exercise 30 minutes every day. That's the first 17 days. The second 17 he adds a few carbs back.
    It's easy and the weight just drops off. Let me know what you do.

  16. The book looks great Lorelei. Good Luck with the weighloss. I have dropped 2 dress sizes this year. All I can say is find something that you are comfortable with doing. I dropped weight faster last time, but got sick of the new routine. I exercised all weekend and was SO strict with my food. Now I exercise after work and my weekends are my own. I hope I have found a life style that I can keep to this time. It's nice to be able to fit into clothes that haven't seen the light of day for a long time! :-)

  17. I always thing its funny when Doctors think walking us on a treadmill is a "stress test." Put me in a room with a grouchy teenager, phone ringing, orders to be filled, laundry piling up, dinner to be cooked, dust bunnies swirling because I haven't vaccumed in days and THAT'S a stress test my friend!

    ..and, just adding my 2cents for weight loss, I love weight watchers. just sayin''s so easy once you get use to the points, all the food info is available on the computer and if you have a smart phone you can track there. I've had tons (literally) of success with it.

  18. On those days when you just can't seem to stick to your diet. . .look back on your weight gain and understand that during that time, if you'd dieted 2 to 3 days a week, you'd have less to take off now. The moral of the story is that even cutting back a little when you can is better than just saying " to heck with it" and quitting completely. Most of the battle, actually, is keeping it off, so if you go on a strict diet and starve yourself, the pounds are more likely to come back on than if you'd eaten a bit more realistically. It's about changing habits for a lifetime, not just for a few weeks or months.

  19. Anonymous10/21/2011

    Hi Lorelei, Caffeine and chocolate will trigger heart palps.

  20. Keep us up to date on what the doctor says. And, since I am posting late, I hope it went well.

    As for the diet, eat well and eat less. Don't miss your favorites, just eat half. Eat as you plan to eat for the rest of your life. You know what makes sense. As for the gym, I know you like to post in the mornings, but I have found that mornings are the best time for me to go even if I have to wake up way to early to do so. (Of course I am a morning person.) Early mornings work well because there is nothing else to do and no excuse not to go. There are too many distractions in the afternoons.


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