i have never had a real leather bag. as soon as I saw this one from Fossil at my local Macy's, I've been dreaming about it.


  1. Stop dreaming and go get it! It's fantastic and it will last until you get tired of carrying it (not the other way around). A great long term investment. Cheers!

  2. Ahhh, bags...one of my true weaknesses! Somehow I can always rationalize their purchase, because after all, it's something you use everyday! :-)

  3. You deserve to pamper yourself every once in a while. Leather is gorgeous and wears so well for so long, it's more of an investment, not an impulse buy!
    Can't wait to see the pictures of you and your new bag!


  4. Anonymous10/12/2011

    What??! Girl, you are due! LOL

  5. Dreams do come true! I hope you get it.

    I like the lampwork bead bracelet below. Terrific Fall piece!

  6. You sooooooooooo deserve to own that bag. I totally agree with Lori's comment.
    Treat yourself to it!

  7. I was looking at those too! Though I wanted the plaid one :-)

    It is gorgeous! You need it!!!

  8. Love the fat key dangle!

  9. Fossil bags are my weekness! This one's gorgeous!

  10. I love it too. But have you seen this guy's bags? http://www.saddlebackleather.com

    Love your blog. Check it every day!

  11. swopemelmel10/13/2011

    Wow, I can see why. It's AWESOME !!! Go for it!!!! swopemelmel

  12. Treat yourself we all know you are worth it.

    This bag is a good investment, classic color, simple lines, mid-size, it will be in style for the next 20 years and as it ages it will gain character.

    I don't buy many bags or many pairs of shoes, but when I do I don't scrimp. My shoes last and last and my bags last longer. I still get compliments on the leather backpack I bought in 1996, and I carry it almost daily.

    If you do buy it you might want to consider getting some water repellent so it doesn't spot if you get caught in the rain. And follow the directions to test in an inconspicuous place before spraying the whole bag. I have found that such treatments have a tendency to darken the leather.

  13. Oooh, now that is a gorgeous bag! How classic! If you can... you should definitely treat yourself :)

  14. Oh my gosh, their leather bags are gorgeous!


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