happy weekend!

Just dropping in really quick to say Hola!

It's been a busy busy Saturday. I spent the day winterizing our yard/porch.... and picking up the house for some dinner guests coming over tonight. This morning I was able to put together these two beauties! Both completely different and on different spectrums.  First a funky and bright red necklace using some red Soft Flex beading wire, faceted glass rounds, wavy silver discs,  a Black and white dotted tube focal from FlameCrazy, and some red and black buttons from Tari Sasser of ClayButtons!   I used silver crimp tubes to crimp the beads along 4 strands of red beading wire.

The bracelet is a more feminine piece with pearl chain, a black and white scroll focal from Bluberri Beads, and a silver bird charm from Hint! The focal bead is ceramic believe it or not. It's amazing. I like the mixed metals with the pearl chain and the brass components from Vintaj Brass Co.