happy weekend!

Just dropping in really quick to say Hola!

It's been a busy busy Saturday. I spent the day winterizing our yard/porch.... and picking up the house for some dinner guests coming over tonight. This morning I was able to put together these two beauties! Both completely different and on different spectrums.  First a funky and bright red necklace using some red Soft Flex beading wire, faceted glass rounds, wavy silver discs,  a Black and white dotted tube focal from FlameCrazy, and some red and black buttons from Tari Sasser of ClayButtons!   I used silver crimp tubes to crimp the beads along 4 strands of red beading wire.

The bracelet is a more feminine piece with pearl chain, a black and white scroll focal from Bluberri Beads, and a silver bird charm from Hint! The focal bead is ceramic believe it or not. It's amazing. I like the mixed metals with the pearl chain and the brass components from Vintaj Brass Co.


  1. Both pieces are so lovely. Your creativity never ceases to amaze me.

  2. How do you do that? You know, make up a couple of great designs and get ready for dinner company, winterize, and tidy up the house. Seriously, I need to know your secret.

  3. wow - that red one really pops!

  4. I love the red necklace!! Well done :-)


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