Jade Scott Flower Challenge

A few weeks ago, I teamed up with Jade Scott to have a bit of a blog challenge. Jade made these lovely enameled flower head pins and send them to me for a giveaway. I sent the headpins to 7 participants, and kept one for myself. The challenge was to put the headpin into a piece of jewelry. I can't wait to see what everyone came up with. I, of course, waited til the very last minute and finished my simple necklace yesterday afternoon!

Introducing: Lavender Blooms

I played around with a lot of different scenarios using my lavender enameled flower- I love the layered look of a pendant, and decided on this final style. I used a filigree ring from Vintaj Brass Co., and a porcelain component from Round Rabbit Extra.  I created a bail with the wire of the head pin- after stringing it through the center of the brass ring, and through the center hole of the porcelain disc, I strung 1 brass rondelle, pulled the wire up and formed a wrapped loop bail.

I pulled out my rubber tubing from MyElements, and my rubber o rings in purple tones. I decided to keep the necklace fairly simple, just stringing some of the smaller purple o rings and some larger lavender o rings to each side of the pendant, onto dark green tubing.

  I added an enameled flower from C Koop Beads on one side, and a Silver dragonfly charm from Hint Jewelry on the other.

I finished the necklace off with some brass crimp ends from Vintaj Brass and a hook and eye clasp. Very simple, but the pendant stands out more on a simple necklace. It's lightweight and comfortable too.

Gigi Yob:  Gigi doesn't have a blog just yet, so she sent me a picture of the bracelet she finished with her flower. Here's what Gigi said about her bracelet:
"I used a vintage brass cuff as a backdrop for this beautiful enameled flower draping chains the length of the cuff and adding these gorgeous beads that seemed to just be waiting for this little flower, the colors were just so right. I then added two amethests to compliment the hint of lavender in the petals. "

Here is a link list of the other participants, take a minute to peruse all of these talented ladies blog posts, be inspired!

1. Lorelei Eurto:  you are here

7. Gigi

And also!


  1. Lovely necklace, Lorelei. All of the participants made such pretty pieces!

  2. Lorelei, your necklace is so lovely! I love all the layers and elements! The addws charms give is such character!

    Gigi- your cuff is wonderful! I would have never thought to make it into a cuff bracelet!

  3. Oh my, what a fun necklace. Love the colors, love the design!

  4. The natural brass picks up the delicate edging of the flowers perfectly ... really emphasizing the layered effect. Love it! This was so much fun, many thanks again! - Susan @ My Happy Things

  5. Hey Lorelei! Can you add my blog to the list? I just put my post up. :-)



  6. Lorelei,

    Thanks for letting me participate in this challenge too! I am constantly amazed by the color combinations you use... And the unique look and feel of your work. I think I would recognize it anywhere!
    Total AWE! Your photography is always beautiful. Hope you have a fun day hopping! Thanks for your comment on my blog! Kris

  7. Yay, it's finally here! I was wondering when the reveal would be.

    Lorelei I just love your sweet necklace. The layered pendant and the details such as the darling o-rings and charms make this a beautiful piece.

    And Gigi, your cuff is gorgeous! The lime green flower goes so nicely with the warm vintaj brass. I love all the added elements. What a lovely cuff.

  8. Lorelei: Very nice! I really like how you mounted the flower on the ceramic component -- such a great use of the holes.

    Gigi: Your cuff is lovely too. Beautiful colours.

  9. Thanks Lorelei! I love your pieces too (necklace and previous ring). It seems that layering is very popular with the flowers!

  10. I'm really liking Gigi's cuff - wish I could pull of wearing one that pretty!!

    And Lorelei - your necklace is very nice and the colors are wonderful!

  11. Lorelei, what a fun necklace! I love to see all the ways the flowers are being used...so many creative ideas!

    I also like Gigi's piece, very pretty!

  12. Lorelei, I love the colors you chose and the layering in the pendant .. really cool.

  13. Yay! This was so much fun. I had a blast blog hopping to see everyone's pretties that they made with the flowers. We will have to do this again soon........

  14. I love what you made! We were on the same wavelength again, pairing our flower headpins with brass findings! I love the additional layer of porcelain as well. I was inspired by your ring to make one for myself :) Thanks so much to you and Jade Scott for hosting the fun challenge!!

  15. I love the purples, greens and teals in the necklace. Those little stretchy rings are so fun.

    Thanks for a great challenge!

  16. Gigi - the brass really picks up the colors in the flower and makes them glow! I love the beads you added. What a fun bracelet.

  17. Nice! I'm really liking the focals you've been creating lately.

  18. Love the necklace, the colors are very pretty and you did a awesome job coordinating.

    Gigi's bracelet is awesome too. I love love the yellow flower so cool. She pulled her colors together well too!

  19. Anonymous11/28/2011

    Beautiful!! I especially love the layers you've added to it ... the filigree is enchanting!

    I'm hoping that checking out all of these awesome, creative bead blog challenges will give my writing the inspiration lift it so sorely needs ... and this particular round just might do the trick!

  20. Lorelei thank you so much for letting me squat on your blogspot for the day, it was so gracious of you. Ladies, thank you for your compliments, they incourage me. I think we all did a rather good job of rising to the occasion, don't you? And lastly, thank you Jada for the beautiful flowers as inspiration, your talent is limitless.


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