Jade Scott Flower Participants!

Can I get a HOOT HOOT!

1.  Serena Trent

2. Susan Raber

3. Shawna Tobias

4. Lucid Moon Studio

5. K Hutchinson

6. Gigi

7. Lois Moon

Ladies, please email me with your mailing address and I will get your flowers out to you all this weekend! Remember, the reveal day for your blog posts will be November 28th. I think I have all of your blog addresses but just to be safe, please put your links in your email to me.

Create a piece using the bezel, photograph it and write your post. I will put together a blog post on my blog at least 2 days before reveal day,  where all the participants links will be active. Come on over, copy paste the list, and please post this list in your blog post.

Here is how a blog hop works successfully. You should be able to click the #1 link, and then on that blog, click the #2 link, and on that blog, click the #3 link.
Let me try to explain this better. Everyone should be posting the full list of participants and once they copy and paste the live link list to their blog, people should be able to click through each person's blog,  link by link by link. does that make sense?
Flowing easily from one blog to the next without going back to the original blog that showed the list. 

Thank you to everyone who commented for a chance!! 57 comments! Woot! K, I guess you like this kind of blog thing. I like the smaller ones- it's a bit more manageable. If you have any suggestions on components you'd like to see me use for the next blog challenge, leave a comment or send an email!


  1. Hey Lor! I'd still love to participate in the hop, as I have some of Jade's flowers to work with. Here's my blog link: http://peacockfairy.blogspot.com/

  2. How fun to come home after work and see my name up here! And how funny because K Hutchinson was my Bead Soup Party partner a hop or so ago!


  3. Yeah ladies! Looking forward to the reveal!

  4. WOW Awesome! I actually won :)

  5. Anonymous11/12/2011

    This is so exciting! I can't wait to get mine!


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