Returned from a Mountain Paradise


I want to apologize if I've made you worry. I think we are back on track now. It was a very stressful and long week last week- I felt doubtful and unsure, and very sad. It's tough when something like this hits you out of left field. But I think we are back on track, and my eyes are wide open now. Not necessarily looking for something to happen but just being aware, being on my toes, having my guard up.

We ran away to the Adirondack mountains, and spent two days breathing the brisk mountain air, eating our favorite foods, relaxing together with no agenda and no ringing cell phones and no text messages.
It was so nice to visit this area of NY state again. We almost moved to Saranac Lake when we were getting out of college. Joe tried to do his student teaching there. We talked about how different our lives would be if that had actually happened. We suspect we'd be skiers. And possibly thinner from all that exercise. But we are quite happy how things are, and where we are. Yes. I am just right where I'm supposed to be.

 thank you all for your support, words of encouragement and just sticking with me. regular posts will start again tomorrow.