This rocker style necklace is a christmas gift. Hopefully the giftee won't be seeing it here. :) It rocks though, I just love it and I know she will too. Been loving this new colored wire from Soft Flex Company- this is 20g Burgundy. The flying skull and hook clasp are both from Green Girl Studios. This new black chain is awesome, just got it from Vintaj Brass Co. Does anyone know where I can get a spool of matte black wire??

This is a necklace that at the time I made it, wasn't so sure about but today I adore it. That triangle focal bead is from Elaine Ray. That girl is tricky, it has two holes on the right and left. I layered it with this Polyclay stamped pendant from Swoondimples.  See those flashes of pink Elaine's bead? Works perfectly with the polymer bead.  The ladybug charm is from LeAnn at SummerStudiosEtc.

 I also used some cool faceted Swarovski mosaic cubes. Have had these in my stash for a while, but they are finally making their debut.

 Didn't realize Heather's pendant was stamped on the back too. Unfortunately this piece doesn't wear well on this flip side. Now I wonder if I would have liked the LOVE bravely side better.

 This is a cute mirror and owl that I picked up in Keene NY at this awesome gift shop there. I loved the place, wanted one of everything. Including all of the custom rustic furniture that the owners make. Lovely stuff!

Well that's it for my smorgasborg of a blog post today.  Hope you all have a great Tuesday!


  1. Lovely smorgasbord Lorelei! I really really like the second necklace, it's so nice the way the strands sort of continues through the two pendants and then make that bow below, from which the ladybug hangs. It makes the whole necklace become ONE piece where all the parts are cooperating. Instead of being a string with something hung from. Oh, I am really bad at explaining right now. Looking at the whole unit of Elaine's triangle down to the bow, that is a very attractive shape. Sort of symmetrical horisontally but the top being angular and the bottom rounded. The short sections of the gray-green peanuts and the cubes also really makes it. I will keep coming back to this piece many times I believe, to look at it for inspiration. Thanks!

    And the owl is adorable. It's gonna add well to your display tables when you participate in shows, fairs or have an open house. The mirror too, just to hang it off a hook or bring a classic coat hanger.

    All my best,

  2. Girl! Started this week with a bang, didn't you? Even though I don't like skulls, I love the colors and the whole feel of that necklace. The second was amazing, cause I thought the triangle and the cubes were the same. It blows my mind that you can make something this gorgeous, even though you didn't like it at the time. Sign of a true artist!

  3. Matte Black Wire you ask? The hardware store. Steel. As a kid my dad called it stove pipe wire. In the wire section with the copper and brass. Ace or Orchard is better than Home Depot for having it.

  4. Shibui offered the same suggestion as I did. I use annealed steel, the annealed makes it black and a tad dirty. I generally can find it in 28, 19 & 16 gauge. You can take a rag and wipe it before use. And you may want to finish it with Renaissance Wax.

    I have been using annealed steel in my work for years and it is so much fun to work with.

    Have fun! Kris


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