Weekend Recap

It was  a good weekend, the open house went really well. I was pleased!
The food turned out great. Artichoke and Spinach cheese dip, Choc Chip Zuchini bread, and Chili! Delish!

Although I saw few people stop by, I still did fairly well in sales! Necklaces and Earrings sold the most. Things on my linen busts did not sell. I find that really interesting. Especially since I thought the busts showcases necklaces so perfectly. Maybe people don't like to fuss with taking it off? There is a whole science behind the jewelry displays!

This morning and yesterday, I posted some of the jewelry in the shop that did not end up selling.


  1. I love the necklace with buttons and an owl...really pretty! I too have noticed that necklaces on busts don't usually sell. But I like what they add to the display, so I continue using them. :-)

  2. I'm glad your show was a success! Home shows can be fun, but also frustrating since you never know how the shopper's mind works.

    I just love all your jewelry, and I'm really surprised these beauties didn't sell. That sweet fruit bracelet has me smiling. What a fun piece!

    Happy Monday to you.

  3. I really like the way you photograph your jewelry, and I really love that second pair of earings!

  4. There is so a science to display! I noticed I sold almost 75% of my bracelets that were lying on a display on the table and NONE of the bracelets that were hanging up!!! People definately like to touch and pick up things to see if they please them.

  5. Ok, I was really thinking about that comment, and trying to visualize myself at a jewelry part/craft fair/whatever. And I do think people notice stuff on the bust, so it's a good attention grabber to get them to your shop if you're with other vendors. But I would hesitate to take something off the bust, unless I had already seen the hostess do the same thing. Necklaces laying in a tray just seem to say, 'pick me up", while necklaces on a display say, "look at me". Hope that helps! So glad everything went well.

  6. Lorelei...you make the most beautiful and inspired bead jewelries!!!!!!!! WoW!!! The first earrings are so beautiful and i also LOve the owl necklace and all the bracelets!!!!! Every time i visit you i see sth different and
    inspired!!!!! Congratulations for your work and blog!!!!
    Have a great week!! Kisses!! :o)

  7. I think you're probably right about the busts. As a shopper, I don't want to 'trouble' a booth owner by dismantling a display; I think I would then feel obligated to buy it, and I would hesitate to put myself in that situation. I always like your jewelry, but with yours especially - due to your love of asymmetry - sometimes I find that a piece that I just kinda like, knocks my socks off when I see it 'on'. Would there be a way to have pictures of the piece being worn nearby, instead of putting it on busts?

  8. Congrats on the sales!

    Such an interesting discussion....I just bought a linen bust for jewelry photos. But I'm finding I like to hang pieces on it to see how they look on something other than me. ;)

    What about a little note pinned to the bust inviting "touching/trying on?"

  9. Lorelei,
    These are all fantastic. I can't imagine why they didn't sell. I'm sure they'll be disappearing from your shop in no time. I am especially taken with the owl and button necklace.

    Actually, it perfectly ties in with a blog post I'm working on now about incorporating buttons into jewelry. I'm posting several pictures of my own jewelry in the post, but wanted to include something from another designer as an example. That necklace is PERFECT. I will ABSOLUTELY credit you with the photo as well as a link to your blog, shop, and the actual listing on Etsy. However, I wanted to make sure this was all okay with you. I will have the post us in the next couple of hours. If you have ANY problems with this, please let me know and I will take it down immediately. Thanks so much!
    Hope (CraftyHope)

  10. Everything is so unpredictable! You honestly never know what will happen, how many people will come or how much will sell! Glad you still did well :) I am having one soon too, and I am really nervous! <3

  11. I am planning on using just one in my next show, just as an attention-getter with my most expensive necklace. It will be interesting to see if it sells or not! (Or if anyone even touches it!)

  12. These are beautiful pieces. I especially like the owl and button necklace!

  13. I too think you're right about the busts. I had my fall jewelry boutique show this pst weekend as well, and with this particular crowd I find that if I just lay things out and around vs. setting up displays to look nice,...they seem to pick them up and try them on a bit more,....not sure why this is, but it just is! :) The things set out got purchased, while the things on busts or displays - not so much!


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