eleven presents

Eleven little gifts lined up in a row and ready to go out tomorrow for my Holiday Gift swap. Is everyone finishing up their gifts too? Try to mail them out by Monday if you can.  We'll start opening one per day starting Christmas Day.


  1. This looks so fun, I wish I'd had time to participate. Maybe next year!

  2. Super cute! Have fun! {and don't forget to show us what you get!}

  3. How cute! I got my first goodie in the mail the other day and was VERY good and didn't rip it open :o)

    Mine will definitely be in the mail by Monday...gotta have a little time over the weekend to finish things up :o)

  4. Oh, if you do this again next year, I hope I've been a good enough girl to participate too! Until then, I look forward to enjoying it vicariously through pictures of what everyone sends...


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