Last Show of the Year

Last weekend I loaded up my car with wood crates, bins of jewelry, earrings on cards, clothespins, bags, tissue, and all the other fixings for my last show of the 2011. Headed on over to the Jewish Temple where the 3rd Annual Raise the Roof event was happening for 2 days. In the past, this show has been really quite successful for me. I walked in expecting it to be the same this year, but was disappointed when the sales and the people just weren't there. It could have been worse. I did make a little money, but I am glad that I wasn't financially counting on that money for something important. I'll be able to restock my needed supplies and maybe put the rest away in savings.

I convinced my friend Theresa to come help me for the weekend. Although she doesn't feel like she really did anything except load and  unload the car, and stood there hooting it up with me all weekend, that really was the icing on the cake. I knew Joe wasn't really into sitting there with me all weekend, so I am so grateful that she helped out and hung out, hooting and all!

The display turned out nice. I did it a little different than the show at Harvest Fest because I didn't want to pile the boxes too high, knowing I was standing behind them.  So I stacked them just enough so that I could still conversate with customers as they came by. People really love the leaded glass window, so I brought that again, and displayed necklaces on it.

Here are some pictures from the show!