Lovely Package Exchange: Swapping with Karen Totten

I participated in Danni's Lovely Package Exchange at her blog Oh Hello, Friend. I was paired up with Karen Totten of Starry Road Studio. I don't know Karen very well but was familiar with her Etsy store and her lovely ceramic components.  We exchanged a few emails to pinpoint what direction we should go with our gifting, and then got to work. 

Karen's LARGE priority box arrived this afternoon while I was home on lunch.  I quickly grabbed my camera and snapped pics as I opened them! Look at the beautiful packaging first of all. Those craft boxes with earthy ribbons are sweet as can be, but she embellished each one with little precious jewelry components! Adorable!

In the first package, a set of stacking snowflakes perfect for the season.  Glazed in blues and whites, they are wintery and gorgeous. I figure these will be great for tealights or just on a shelf for decoration! My first thought was- damn. I should have done some Christmas shopping at Karen's shop!

The second package  was filled with this little wooly owl and baby from WoolCrazy. That little heart sewn on was made by Karen!  Love that- a bit of a collaboration!!

A sweet "Tool Caddy"  was in box #3- a beautiful glaze combination with teal on the interior. This will be perfect for all sorts of beady goodness on my work table.

Package #4- an adorable blue glazed oil LAMP!  Karen even sent some extra wick! She says I can fill it with oil and light it. How cool. Never had anything like this. I am excited to try it out!
I love these matte gears on the package!

Package #5 was filled with Tool Caddy #2, a bigger size, great for pliers or larger items.  And a beautiful pale blue snowflake ornament.

To say that Karen spoiled me, is an understatement!! That girl knows how to give a gift! I am so thrilled with everything she sent, and am a little flabbergasted too. I seriously need to send something else to Karen to thank her. My gift, a necklace, was crafted just for her. I enjoyed creating a special keepsake for someone that enjoys many of things I love: owls, nature, come to find out- beach pebbles too! I do hope she really enjoys wearing it for many years to come.  Head on over to Karen's post to see my gift.


  1. aw - so glad it finally arrived! I was starting to get worried yesterday. I'm so pleased you like everything! Doesn't Woolcrazy make the cutest little owl critters?! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my necklace - this has been a fun exchange!

  2. Holy mama you scored!! I love Karen's work!! Those nesting snoflakes are so cool!!

  3. What awesome gifts! Karen is so talented! And I checked out the necklace you sent to Karen. It's an amazing gift too!

  4. What an awesome set of gifts! And the packages are perfectly coordinated.

  5. Oh my goodness! Literally! What wonderful pieces, I don't know which is my favorite, but they are all wonderful. I love Karen's work, and she's such a sweetheart!
    I took a peek at the necklace you made and it is just beautiful! So wonderfully earthy and the owls are gorgeous.

  6. Wow! What deliciousness! And I can't believe you took pictures and blogged about it already. Man, you're good!

  7. What a lovely set of goodies!!! I absolutely adore the little wool owl, but those snowflakes and tool caddies are just drool worthy!!!

  8. WOW! Her gifts were incredible! Your necklace was too Lor! Happy Holidays!

  9. Aw, what lovely gifts she sent. I'm sure you will long cherish each of them!

  10. Wow That is a package I would be in love with. Awesome.


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