It's official- I am starting to outgrow the current studio. Been chewing on a big re-organization plan that includes a whole lot of destash, and the re-arrangement of 4 rooms to get my studio back upstairs. It sounds daunting doesn't it?
But I am looking quite forward to it.  After the holidays are over, I will be hopefully executing this plan.
Lately it's been hard to get into the studio to make new things. It's still a disaster in there from when I dumped all of it back in there after my show.

Last night was the first time in a while that I sat down and listened to my muse. I am enjoying big showy necklaces like these. The first one is lighter than it looks- those resin rounds are pretty and extremely light.

Loving this new double-stranded necklace that features some art beads from Elaine Ray and a toggle from Melinda Orr.