This is proof that I have NOT ripped open the Gift swap gifts in an un-bridled Christmas fury. They are waiting here, patiently for Christmas day to come. I have received all 11 gifts. I can't wait. Look at the gifty goodness!

 Color Wheel is my colorful reminder that Spring is right around the corner, that there is excitement for the upcoming year of 2012, that I am giddy that we have not had any real snow here in NY yet. People keep talking about how weird and strange and bizarre it is that we don't have any snow on the ground yet and that it won't really feel like Christmas til it does.  I'm sorry but Fuck that shit! ;)  Enjoy it while it lasts. Seriously.

 Erin Siegel sent me this gorgeous beaded bookmark as a little Christmas gifty. Isn't it cute! Love the gold color and focal beads are textural and fun. I don't have the heart to tell her that since I started beading, I forgot how to read. ;)  I kiiiiiiiiiiiid i KIIIIIIIIID!

 The Christmas village looks lovely in the morning light.  The Bed and Breakfast that we stayed it this past weekend had quite the collection of Christmas villages, putting mine to total shame. I have never seen so many little buildings. It was quite magical, I must say.

This is one of the gifts I received this past weekend, from my talented Momma. She found a sweet little vintage sewing basket and decoupaged it with fabric, dressing it up in some of my most favorite colors, teal, olive and brown. I included a few pics of the inside too, since it's really a cool piece. I love the rope handles.


  1. Pretty necklace and basket too!! There is no snow here in WI yet either- crazy! but I love it.

  2. Love the colorful necklace! And I agree, the snow can stay away for as long as it likes! Nothing in MI yet.

  3. The packages look lovely and enticing! I hope to participate next year if you make this an annual tradition. I also love the basket that your mom made-how clever!

    The snow is pretty to look at, but driving in it is a nightmare. You are right to enjoy a snow-free winter while it lasts! I just hope that upstate New York's lack of snow doesn't mean the D.C. area gets hit with another freaky snow storm. Granted, the city shut down for 8 days so my husband had a week off of work and we made an igloo in our yard... Hmm, maybe that isn't so bad after all.

  4. I have my grandmother's little sewing basket! It needs help too, what a great idea your Mom had! I saw the necklace sold right away!


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