Random thoughts:

i worked up this necklace and love it but it is missing something. orange. a little orange something at the chain area. i will add something later and rephotograph.

i am rethinking the whole search engine issue at etsy and wonder if changing my titles to include words like bracelet, earrings, and necklace might be helpful.

i have a lot of business type things on my mind lately. i can't say too much right now. but i forsee big big changes happening for me in 2012. Certain things must happen first. Like a business plan. or a financial plan, if you will.

been a little under the weather the last few days. I was thinking I had nipped it with the Zicam but today i have been blowing my nose non-stop. Not. a. good. sign.

Heading home to celebrate Christmas with my family this weekend. Looking forward to spending some quality time with both of my parents. Orders placed this weekend will ship Monday Dec. 19th.

i have a heaviness in my heart lately for some artist friends, going through some really tough times. i feel good that i have been helping in the small ways that i can. you can help too. Send me a request to add you to the  Facebook group Artists Helping Artists. It's a wonderful way to help out, and a little help from a lot of people can really make a big difference. The group is a private group to protect anonymity for those who need aid.


  1. can you add me?
    and I wonder what's going on???
    and I hope you feel better

  2. I noticed you've been feeling the orange lately, me too! It's been one of my favorite colors for the past year or so. Did you know orange was named Pantone's color of the year for 2012? Yay!

  3. Hey there. Hope you have a great time with your family this weekend. About those Etsy titles, Handmadeology has got some great posts about how to optimize for the way the Etsy search engine has been changed. I wrote a post with links some time back. I can look for that if you like.

  4. Yes, I love orange with turquoise, always a lovely combination. Also an interesting choice here might be a pop of fuchsia...or a vivid buttery yellow or a saturated peridot green...

    Hope the holidays are treating you well!


  5. Hope you're better. Please add me to Artists Helping Artists.


  6. Hi! Can't wait to see the pop of orange you add to the necklace!


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