Gift Exchange Day 11

Charlie of Clay Space gifted me this beautiful ceramic ornament adorned with E for Eurto! It says JOY on the backside. I just love it! And how clever Charlie was  with the stamped tag! Now if I could just figure out how to get the hook onto the ornament, we'll be in business. Charlie? Any tips?


  1. Would it work to bend the hook sideways, like a jump ring?

  2. The "simpler" end went through the top of my ornament - just scoot the beads up a little, and there should be enough room...Then, they'll slide back down and help "lock" the hook in place...I have pics on FB, and I have the hook on mine (if you can see it)...

  3. What if you tied a pretty bow in the hole of the ornament and then worked the hook into the bow?


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