I'm so glad she's back!

If I could marry a bead component, it would be one of these. No, seriously. Nancy Schindler is back in full swing now after the flood of 2011 ruined her studio. She's back with a vengeance I might add. I haven't seen such beautiful pieces in such a long time. I can tell you, you will not want to miss tomorrow's shop update. Head on over to Round Rabbit Extra at Noon est. Be there or be square. ha!

See those connectors in the top left corner? I am chomping at the bit with tons of ideas for those. You can wire wrap somethin'somethin' in the center. Use it in a bracelet. Use it as a pendant with something dangling from the bottom hole, and a little charm in the center. You could find a cool flat oval shaped bead that fits right in the center and string wire through it and then criss cross the wire through the end holes.  Bead frames. GENIUS, Nancy. Pure Genius.

And the deer pendants. How amazing are these!? I love that image so much. It has such a cool effect with the glaze. And those flower rings. Amazing.

I can't wait.
See you there!


  1. I love her pieces too. And i love her spirit - i follow her blog and facebook and she seems like such a cool chick.

  2. Ahh Hah! I see your New Year's resolution is shot to hell already!

  3. Wow! Her work is amazing! Thanks for the heads up!

  4. Thanks for the 411...these are all really wonderful!

  5. ugh I missed the deer pieces and the links, so much sold so fast. I did manage to get 2 of the flower rings and a butterfly and one of the long pendants and a star.
    What did you get?


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