New Studio

I have always been a firm believer that if you get in a rut, it's always good to make a change. Change something that you're doing, change your location, change is a good thing. I have spent the last week rearranging the rooms in my house. It's been work intensive. But before I go any further here, I have to just say....
My husband. Is. A. SAINT.
Not once does he even bat an eye when I suggested that we move the studio back upstairs. He could definitely see that I had run out of space. The room was a disaster. There was no place to store anything anymore. Beads were piled on the table tops. Boxes of shipping materials took up a ton of space. Plus all of the exhibition furniture that I use for shows. It was too much.
He helped me move all of the furniture, and then also painted one of the rooms for me too. I cannot thank him enough and I am already feeling a huge creative surge due to the newness of everything!

Here's what had to happen. My bungalow has 3 bedrooms. The office was located in the office on the first floor. I felt like the master bedroom would make a good studio space. It's at the front of the house right above the porch. The walls contain loud 3am critters that keep us up at night. The room is cold since it hangs over the porch. We have 2 spare rooms. The first spare room housed my studio before I had moved down to the office. It was a long narrow room and is actually bigger than the master bedroom.  When we moved into this house, we moved into that room so that we could renovate the master bedroom. It just seemed  like the logical thing, to move in there once we fixed the walls up.

The back spare room is much smaller. Will eventually be the baby's room some day. But it can accommodate a large bed easily. So.... we moved the Full size spare bed out to the garage. Moved the queen size spare bed to the small spare room. Moved our bedroom to the larger spare room. and the studio is now upstairs in the front room. The old studio space is now just the office where I will handle all the shipping and computer work.  Here are some pics of the room now. I am still planning on hanging some inspiring artwork so the walls are blank right now. I picked a nice pale lavender to go on the walls.

When we were in Connecticut for Christmas we went to Ikea. I bought these industrial pendant lights for the space.  One super shitty thing about this room. There are only 2 plugs. and no ceiling lights! These pendant lights have ugly black cords but they plug into the wall and I didn't have to wire them in.
After scouring the internet (aka- Pinterest) I was overwhelmed with all of the studio and home inspiration, but got the idea to use a work table in the center of the room. This table was actually downstairs in our family room in from of that big bookcase Joe built. We never sit at it. I think I have sat there one time. There is no lighting and its impossible to sit there in the dark so, I stole the table and now it's working great as my work table. Had to promise that I will not hammer on it. ;)

Here are the bead cabinets in the first corner. On top are jars of ribbon.

 On this wall is a dresser where I stacked these metal cabinets that I got at Ikea, and a wood chest of drawers. It's nice to bring things short units up higher so I don't have to bed over to get to the goods. On top I stacked a drawer where I put all of my linen busts and bracelet bars, and displays. The drawers work great for bead storage. each drawer fits 2 plastic bin systems.

The bookcase holds my owl collection, more bead storage, tins, and other stuff.

I had to give up the magnetic board and the tool pegboard. The walls in this new space are plaster and the thought of mucking them all up with screws was too much for Joe to bear. ;) So they had to be nixed.  I am unsure what I will do with this large empty wall, maybe just some artwork.
The dresser in this photo holds Joe's clothes. We also switched closets, mine is in our room and his is here. He gets up earlier than I do and gets dressed while I'm still in bed.

I think I will have to be careful with the table top collecting a lot of stuff. But I do tend to grab whatever is in reach when beading so it's good to have a variety of different things right within arms reach at any moment.  I just love the lighting- it's so bright and I can see what I'm doing!

Coupla things I will still need to get is a garbage can, and an ipod docking station with some speakers.  Oh and one thing I want to add, I like that I don't have the distraction of the computer anymore. It really affects work when I'm always checking email and Facebook!

well I hope you liked this little Tuesday Tour! I was so excited to show you the transformation.
I hope the space inspires you and your studios as much as it has me!