I don't normally voice my resolutions because I don't want to trap myself into saying I'll do something when I know I won't.  But this year I do have a few. They have nothing to do with drinking less that's for sure. And I plan to do a lot more swearing cuz I know people really love that. ;)

 Several weeks ago I told you how I joined the gym. It went really well for about 3-4 weeks. Joe and I were going at least 3 - 4 times a week. I did drop a little weight. I could just feel it in my clothes.  Well, then Christmas happened, and now I haven't made time to go in about 3 weeks.  Somewhere along the way I completely lost the motivation. I know it's always the hardest to go back that first time after not going but I can feel myself already slipping back in my old eating habits and old lazy ways.  Anyway, more exercise tops the resolution list.

Another thing I want to work on is spending less, this year.  This is imperative if I want my future plans to work out- which I'm sure you can probably figure out -a goal of mine is to work less and create more.  Anyway I go a little nuts when it comes to buying beads. Oh. you already knew that. Yea but there are so many talented people out there making such fun things! And my obsessive compulsive mind feels that I have to be the first to try out their new supplies! It's a real sickness. But it has to stop. And lately that hasn't been really too hard, because the after-Christmas sales slump is affecting my business as we speak.  Sell less= buying less.  Now if I could just convince all of my bead-making friends to slow down on their creative ends so it's not such a heartache for me on my end. HA. I know this is not possible. This is where self-control comes in. Yea.  You ever heard of it? yea, me neither.

So I guess that's enough. I mean, I am sure I can barely handle these two resolutions. I don't want to go nuts. One thing or two things at a time. I'm not that much of a multi-tasker.

Last night I got into the studio for a bit. 2 necklaces came to me easily, without issue. Very simple, eclectic, and SYMMETRICAL.  ACK!  As soon as I sat down with some components to do an asymmetrical necklace, I had trouble. Frustration. Couldn't get one element to not flip when it was worn. It didn't come together easily. I fought with the wire.  I don't know what that's about. I think this weekend I need to brush up on my asymmetrical skills.

 Ceramic focal: Elaine Ray; Ceramic drip beads: Elaine Ray; Olive Humblebeads; Smoky quartz; matte olive seed beads; Flower links: Karen Totten; Leather; Ceramic connector (Gaea) with Vintaj Brass Lobster clasp.

Focal- Gardanne Beads; Pewter bead cap- Green Girl Studios; Lampwork headpin: Sue Beads; Clear lampwork spacers: Gardanne Beads; Polymer coins- Pam Wynn; Lampwork rounds- Gardanne Beads; Copper rounds; Pearl sticks; silk cording; silver lobster clasp.