I don't normally voice my resolutions because I don't want to trap myself into saying I'll do something when I know I won't.  But this year I do have a few. They have nothing to do with drinking less that's for sure. And I plan to do a lot more swearing cuz I know people really love that. ;)

 Several weeks ago I told you how I joined the gym. It went really well for about 3-4 weeks. Joe and I were going at least 3 - 4 times a week. I did drop a little weight. I could just feel it in my clothes.  Well, then Christmas happened, and now I haven't made time to go in about 3 weeks.  Somewhere along the way I completely lost the motivation. I know it's always the hardest to go back that first time after not going but I can feel myself already slipping back in my old eating habits and old lazy ways.  Anyway, more exercise tops the resolution list.

Another thing I want to work on is spending less, this year.  This is imperative if I want my future plans to work out- which I'm sure you can probably figure out -a goal of mine is to work less and create more.  Anyway I go a little nuts when it comes to buying beads. Oh. you already knew that. Yea but there are so many talented people out there making such fun things! And my obsessive compulsive mind feels that I have to be the first to try out their new supplies! It's a real sickness. But it has to stop. And lately that hasn't been really too hard, because the after-Christmas sales slump is affecting my business as we speak.  Sell less= buying less.  Now if I could just convince all of my bead-making friends to slow down on their creative ends so it's not such a heartache for me on my end. HA. I know this is not possible. This is where self-control comes in. Yea.  You ever heard of it? yea, me neither.

So I guess that's enough. I mean, I am sure I can barely handle these two resolutions. I don't want to go nuts. One thing or two things at a time. I'm not that much of a multi-tasker.

Last night I got into the studio for a bit. 2 necklaces came to me easily, without issue. Very simple, eclectic, and SYMMETRICAL.  ACK!  As soon as I sat down with some components to do an asymmetrical necklace, I had trouble. Frustration. Couldn't get one element to not flip when it was worn. It didn't come together easily. I fought with the wire.  I don't know what that's about. I think this weekend I need to brush up on my asymmetrical skills.

 Ceramic focal: Elaine Ray; Ceramic drip beads: Elaine Ray; Olive Humblebeads; Smoky quartz; matte olive seed beads; Flower links: Karen Totten; Leather; Ceramic connector (Gaea) with Vintaj Brass Lobster clasp.

Focal- Gardanne Beads; Pewter bead cap- Green Girl Studios; Lampwork headpin: Sue Beads; Clear lampwork spacers: Gardanne Beads; Polymer coins- Pam Wynn; Lampwork rounds- Gardanne Beads; Copper rounds; Pearl sticks; silk cording; silver lobster clasp.


  1. I don't typically make resolutions either due to knowing I won't keep them. I've needed to lose weight for 8 years now, but I am a couch potato who loves to eat and I haven't found the will power to change my ways...yet! Last year I told myself that I was going to stop spending so much on jewelry supplies (as I don't push as hard as I should to sell), but ended up spending DOUBLE what I spent the year before! I could've paid off a credit card or a car or did some home remodeling with the amount of money I spent!! And I like to hoard my supplies...this does not help!! Hahaha! So this year I really do want to keep my spending down. Way down! So far, I haven't purchased anything this year & I try to stay away from Etsy (I'm addicted), however, Intergalactic is next week & I haven't been in a while....ACK! Lord give me strength!!!

    Good luck with your resolutions! By the way...your necklaces are GORGEOUS!!

  2. Darling, you do symmetry just as beautiful as you do asymmetry!

  3. Two lovely symmetrical necklaces. :-) Good luck with your resolutions Lorelei. They sound good. Esp the swearing and the drinking LOL. I look forward to see where this year will take you creatively. Always such a joy to follow your doings. I didn't voice any resolutions myself this year. I rarely do. Last year I said I was going to submit to a magazine at least once. And I did ... in the last minute ... ha. I guess my goal for this year is to just continue on my path and keep getting better in all areas. I do want to get around to sell more of my things locally, sort of at markets, or in shops or so. I would like to try an open house. But none of them are resolutions. I should drink wine more often! Good red wine. And I wish to get my every-day life better organized, considering assistance and such. It's become such a mess lately. Drains energy. Anyway, Happy New Year Lorelei! :-)

  4. Maybe you need to join "Operation Tackle that Bead Stash" with the rest of us! :) So here's what I really like about your pieces....the comment you made about a stone flipping around when it is worn. So many pieces I see are gorgeous, but you know that they would not be comfortable being worn, or that they won't lay right.
    You could try to pick a month for your favorite designers, and just make a purchase from that one in that month! Hmm, that means you only get 12 to choose from....
    Good Luck! :)

  5. Tara Leitermann1/06/2012

    One way I keep my bead spending in control is very simple...I don't use a credit card! I have a debit business account where I deposit my business income, and because that is the only money I have for supplies, I have to watch my supply flow very carefully. If money is tight, I'm forced to think more creatively; I dig deeper into my stash, looking at supplies that have been hanging around forever, and finding new ways to use them instead of spending more money. When it comes to symmetry/assymetry, I think it is most important to design pieces that are visually balanced, and above all, comfortable to wear. I don't like to force an assymetrical design if it's not working for the piece...I have to go with what works for me, and not try to make something overly "arty" just to get published.

  6. Sue-Lin1/06/2012

    Such a relief to hear about other creative friends' struggles to control purchasing gorgeous artsy supplies - both in beads and jewelry! Glad I am not alone in my battle. :-)

  7. What is life without some new beads every now and then?

  8. Random thought: I work harder for my trainer than I do for myself. Of course, trainers are expensive.

    Just sayin': You do design, especially when it comes to color and asymmetrical balance, better than ANYBODY. Oh, what I wouldn't PAY for some of your knowledge. Did you hear that? PAY. Write a book? (I know authors don't make as much money from books as people believe they do.) Self-publish some books? I heard on the radio the other day that extremely short books, self-published, are going to be a trend. Go have a glass of wine and think about how people can pay you for your knowledge in a way that won't rob you on the publishing-expense side. I'd really hate to see you have to cut back on bead buying!

  9. Anonymous1/06/2012

    I would also pay for your knowledge and have thought that many times. I live overseas and I've thought about flying over, knocking on your door and saying "HELP ME!!"

    Love your stuff.

  10. Those are great resolutions. I will try to refrain from being a bad influence and pointing out cute beads :)

  11. I love both of these designs! The textures, shapes and colors make them look not so symmetrical and they work well - just gorgeous!

  12. That first necklace is SO pretty! I love it.
    I am also cutting down on making resolutions this year. I hope that focusing on just a couple of them will get me on track. Let's see how it goes.

  13. I love symetrical looks that are radically different from the norm and these certainly qualify. I love the mix of all the different media, the way you carried that feather pendant throughout the look of the whole necklace and the unexpected use of beads such as the seed bead hoops for connectors. I love how you photographed them - the wonderful woodsy background and the way the second photo takes your eye all the way through the necklace allowing it to linger on each bead and element of the necklace. The saturation is lovely in the first one and the shadows and light of the cord are striking. Some of my fave colors too. yep, definitely an artist's eye. As to cutting back on buying beads. All I can say is good thing I have a day job. Otherwise me and the dog would be fighting over food.

  14. I am loving the first necklace with the leather going through the flowers. And Elaine's drip beads, those are awesome!

  15. Hi Lorelei,
    I stopped making resolutions a long time ago, but this year I do need to lose weight because of my knee problems. I also am going to try and not max out my credit card on beads. In fact, I plan on having a zero balance on this months card so I can build my check book balance up a bit.

    As far as the necklaces, I really like them...mainly because I am a seriously ocd symmetrical person. Your designs really inspired me to try to be more assymetrical as I loved those designs. I've made a few, but I don't have those awesome beads you have to make them look so great. I know you will come back with some wonderful designs!

  16. I'm with Tara above. If I have no money in my Paypal account earned from etsy, I can't buy any items from etsy for myself or others. It motivates me to create more and get the items in the shop.

  17. Don't get me started on the gym thing. My son says don't because he, quote, likes my squishy belly and squishy cheeks so please don't change. And sometimes I think our bodies truly decide where they are comfortable, and stay there.

    Good luck with not buying as many beads -- I tell myself that every month and doh!

  18. They are symmetrical but still stunning! And my captcha word is books, how cool. Maybe it's telling me my NY resolution should be to read more - that wouldn't be a bad one!

  19. Okay, I am way behind on my blog reading. I went to the gym for years and exercised at home for years also. What worked best for me was going in the morning, early, early, early- honestly what else can you do at 5 a.m.? Next, get dressed in your gym clothes and have everything you need for the next day done the day before- work clothes picked out, lunch packed, and whatever else you do. Finally, when you don't feel like going convince yourself to do the first minute and if you still don't feel like doing it give yourself permission to stop. The hardest part of every workout was that 1st minute, once it was done the rest was just momentum.

    Good luck.


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