You've gotta make this!

Each one are tried and true- I found each recipe on Pinterest and they have all been wonderful!!

Bought a grill pan just for this recipe. Have used the grill pan 4 times since I made this. It's awesome. Highly recommend it.

Made this for the Open House. It was a huge hit but my husband and I almost ate the entire thing ourselves. Very tasty.

Made this 2 nights ago and served it with French Vanilla ice cream.
My husband tells me it's the best dessert he's ever eaten.
Really. you HAVE to try it. You would never even know it
had garbanzo beans in it. They get all ground up in the food processor.

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  1. Yesterday on my blog we were just talking about how you can sneak chickpeas into stuff without people knowing. I made some yummy cookie dough truffles with chickpeas. I'll have to give your recipe a try. Also, I got a grill pan for Christmas so I'll have to try the other recipe too. It looks delicious!

  2. Just got a grill pan for Christmas, seems like the perfect opportunity to use it, these all look great!

  3. These all sound (and look) wonderful! There is a restaurant out here that does a stuffed portabella with ricotta; spinach & cooked chicken. It is then covered with cheese & baked. They serve it with marinara & a side of pasta. I get it every time they offer it on the menu - but you've inspired me to try it at home. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks for sharing, Lorelei! I'm always looking for new recipes!

  5. Ok, seriously. I looked at your recipe board and everything looked super yummy. I am trying to clean it up and loose my winter weight but between cravings, grandkids snacking all the time and my own stress eating things are looking like I need to try one of those recipes.

  6. Chick peas!!! In a Pie!!! That solves my gluten/wheat problems. I can't wait to try it.

  7. Richelle1/14/2012

    I made the cookie pie! Oh my!! Ha ha
    I used coconut oil instead. I'm thinking you could use packed pumpkin purée and get rid of the oil all together. I also added chopped walnuts. I used Spleenda Brown sugar bled, only 1/2 cup to cut down the sugar.. Its baking now. I ate some of the raw dough. Delish!!


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