I recently acquired a big box of beads from Beshka of Loley's Co. She's decided to close her etsy store and so I graciously accepted her offer to take her destashed beads. These chunkalicious necklaces are featuring quite a few of the large vintage lucite beads that she gave me. (Thank you Besh!)
I was on a roll last night making these. They have fun color palettes, and even a few art beads! I love the way they can be worn any which way- the button in the front, at the side or at the back. Something pretty on all sides.
Be sure to check out Beshka's shop, she has discounted all jewelry to very low prices and she has the cutest taste ever in design!


  1. Oh so you were the lucky one to get the big box of beads. I would love to have had it come my way, but I put myself on a bead diet at the first of the year. It was difficult to resist. I love Beshka's beads and was fortunate enough to get a few before the closing of her shop.

    I love your chunky, colorful pieces!

  2. drooling at all those great beads! Love what you made with them :)

  3. Oh you lucky duck! I loved her finds and am hoarding a few of them. I love the necklaces you made!

  4. Love these necklaces! They look fabulous all piled up and worn together. Looks very chic!

  5. Awww. I love them! You are so talented! And thanks for the shout out. =D So how far into that box have you gotten??


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