New Acquisitions

It's safe to say I have been on a bead buying binge the last few days. Seriously. I need to stop. And fast.  Here are some newbies making their way to my house this week...

These first 3 are from Reduction Nation. Stocking up on some lucite, they are 
always so good to have around for fillers. And they are inexpensive to boot.
The photography is great, isn't it!?

Lampwork from Loupiac.... The color combo, she calls Halloweenish.
I call it DELICIOUS.

Pam Wynn restocked her Etsy shop and I snagged these this morning.
Singapore Purple. Love it!

And last but not least, a parliament of Denim Owls
Aren't they so cute!?

I've got quite the wishlist too. Here are some that I am coveting....

 Lampwork from Lori Lochner.

Bird charm from Summers Studio Etc.

And this lovely pendant from Lynn Davis


  1. Pretty, pretty beads! The owls are darling. I'm curious though - why are Pam's beads called Singapore purple? I didn't know we owned that particular shade of purple :-)

  2. Lovely acquisitions and wish list items. Thanks for sharing your sources.

  3. acquired some beautiful beads!! Love, love the owls! Can't wait to see what you do with them!

  4. pretty Lorelei. I am on a bead diet. I must use the old before I buy more new. I am on my way though preparing for some shows this summer. I am also going to a bead show tomorrow and am allowed to buy czech glass because I am low :-)
    Have a great day.

  5. Yay bead buying! Great stuff!

  6. I bought a set of the fetish birds from LL last week. They are fabulous!

  7. Once we get moved and i get some bead spending money, I plan to shop off Etsy. I did buy some beads, they should arrive this week. I love them all, but the green is so pretty. I must try to get one. Hope you have a beadufiul weekend!

  8. Very yummy and ever so covetable!

  9. I ADORE Lori Lochner's work -- I've spent quite a lot in her store and the pieces never make it to my web site -- people at shows grab for them! And I love Reduction Nation -- but I'm on a no-bead buying hiatus right now, sadly.

  10. Hi! Reduction Nation is one of my favorite shops! Yes, those denim owls are so cute. :)

  11. Totally fab beads, Lorelei!


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