a new book

I picked this up today at Barnes & Noble. It looks fascinating! I really hope I can get through it. It's been a long loooong time since I've finished a book. Check out it's description here. 


  1. My daughter has this book and loves it! I suggested she buy it just because of the cover.

  2. Oooo sounds like one I would like. Let me know how it is!

  3. I have this book on my kindle fire and it is a wonderful escape from reality, rather odd , but a very good read! and the way it ends I think there could be more to come(hope so)

  4. I read this, wrote a review on my Book Page on my blog -- absolutely love it. I collect cabinet cards (those photographs) and the type they used in the book (almost all are real and not PhotoShopped) are so hard to find!

  5. This is an AMAZING book! I wrote a review on it early in January. There is a movie version in the works with Tim Burton as director. It would be incredible in his hands. I found this a pretty fast read once I got into it. I think you will too!
    Enjoy the day!

  6. Loved this book! Waiting for the sequel!


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