A New Romantic Look


Happy Hump Day! Surprise! I have changed the blog again. This time I put the job into the hands of a talented gal in Italy. That's right. I found her little shop on etsy, Selenescell, and she had one template listed. I fell in love with it's romantic feel. It was absolutely worth every penny, since she did all of the installation for me!  The last time I updated the blog, I fought long and hard with the html code and that headache was a real b*tch.  seriously. a computer tech, i am not.
I think Selene did a fine job and am happy with the new look! I hope you like it too!

The bracelet above is a new addition for the upcoming Valentine season. It's funny how it ended up as a bracelet. I had wire wrapped the ceramic Elaine Ray hearts with brass wire, and attached the links on the bottom loop, intending them to be earrings. I was playing around with them on the table and when I saw them in a straight line, I saw BRACELET instead. Added that perfect Love bead from Diane Hawkey and voila!!