Meet Otto. Named after the Syracuse Orange mascot, for it's brightly Orange colour. :)  He's a 1972 VW  Westfalia Campmobile
It's true. We found him in Pennsylvania and he's making the trip to upstate NY this coming Thursday. Joe surprised me on Thursday night with the news that he had applied for and was approved for a loan to buy a van. I guess all his internet research paid off. Otto is in really great shape. The owner had stripped it down to nothing and redid the entire body. Refilled it with all of it's guts but did new wiring, a new pop up, added a new cd/stereo and a DVD player/TV. The seats need a little TLC but at least it's not rusted out on the exterior.  Joe is already researching fun accoutrements, like a new wheel cover, and yes, I think to his dismay we will be getting rid of the disco ball that is hanging inside.
We are looking forward to having this beast for several reasons. It's really cool and we both love Volkswagen. I am looking forward to taking more trips in the Spring, Summer and Fall... And I love the idea of just being able to Go with now set plans and no hotel reservations! We will be able to attend family vacation at Cape Cod in July! I know the kids, Max and Alex will LOVE uncle Joe's new van.  I want to take up some mild hiking this summer and this will be perfect to take to the Adirondacks too. We've got big plans.  Sowing our Wild Oats. That's right. :)