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* I spent this past 3 day weekend watching my husband absolutely OBSESS over buying a VW bus. That guy really knows how to dream, I tell ya. He showed me countless vans for sale, made me watch videos, had me check out funky interiors. He emailed several people asking lots of questions about their buses for sale. He even talked about having one shipped, having another delivered.

* He's also on a crazy belly fat diet that doesn't allow him staples like starch and sugar. So we have been eating tons of meat and veggies, and I've been making easy starchy sides like baked potato and risotto.  But yesterday I made the scones. And he didn't even eat one. Proud of him but really he's missing out. Big Time.

* I have to clean out the spare room so my sister can come up and visit me this coming weekend. It's become the storage room, and no, you can't even walk into the room. It could be featured on an episode of Hoarders.  So yes, I have my work cut out for me.  Maybe I can just create a path to the bed and clear the bed so they can sleep in it. Would that be good enough? I need to have a tag sale, but that can't happen until the Spring. Gotta store this stuff somewhere.

* I am slowly checking things off my to do list. Next up, finish writing instructions for magazine submissions. Bead Soup creations.  Taxes. gahhhhh!

* A long long time ago, someone asked me to recreate these earrings. It took a while to get all of the components and now I finally did and they are finished. But it's been so long, that I can no longer find the original requestor. And I forget if it came from email, Facebook or Etsy. So if you see this, and it was you, please leave a comment and I'll get these listed for you asap. Sorry it took so long!

* I have been continuing working out at the gym. I know I haven't mentioned the progress here. Before Christmas I was going 3 times a week, easy. Now I'm lucky if I can get there once or twice.  It's hard. But I am trucking along. I typically do 20 min. on the elliptical, and then 25 minutes on either the bike or treadmill. Yesterday I went and tried that little section at the back with the timed circuit machines. It was cool to try something new. I think a few days of doing these a week should help tone up muscle. I'm not even sore today but I did it with a friend and was only half-assing it.
I don't ever get on a scale so I can't say if I've lost much weight. But clothes are feeling better so I figure that's a good sign.

*Here are some of the pieces created yesterday. These will land in my shop at some point today.

Happy Tuesday!