sweet tooth

It's 2:30pm. I am at work and craving something sweet like you would not believe. My goal this weekend is to buy ingredients for these two snacks you see here. Top: Berry Smoothie. I found this recipe on Pinterest, but it comes from The Shoebox Kitchen blog. A simple concoction of mixed frozen berries, banana (eww!), Greek yogurt and apple juice.  Gonna have to get over that loathing of bananas really quick. I'm sure you can't taste them when they are all mixed up in this fruity treat, right?

Below: Chocolate Granola. Perfect for snacking or even breakfast. Oats, cocoa, almonds, honey or agave nectar, vanilla extract, and chocolate chips. This seems like a nice and easy treat to bag up and keep in the office for desperate times like these. This recipe is from My Little Celebration.
If you have other ideas for a sweet but healthy snacks, please leave me links!