Today I am grieving Whitney Houston's death. Such a wonderful talent, taken from us far too soon.

Today I am staying home, and warm as its snowy and blowy outside.

Today I am anxious to eat the chocolate granola for breakfast. It's delicious! Especially on top of vanilla greek Yogurt.

Today I am happy to get into the studio for some beading for my shop. Up above, I was favoriting some past works as inspiration for today.

Today I am still procrastinating getting my records together for tax season.

Today I should sweep the floors, but probably won't.

Today I am looking forward to watching the Grammy Red Carpet on E! and then some of the award show. Great place to find jewelry and color inspiration! I thought about doing a post on Grammy inspiration but am unsure the rules on posting photos of celebs.

What are you up to today?


  1. What a shock about Whitney. How sad. Other than that, it sounds like you have a nice day planned. I hear you about procrastinating on taxes. Me, too. Today, I'll be working on my pieces for the online Of Towers and Turrets class, then heading over to Mom's to spend time with the family.

  2. So very sad about Whitney, she was only a year older than me, such a great talent and so young to die. Today I have made some more little elephant charms, but in Coral Red, made a roast dinner, played monopoly with all the family ( and lost!) and am hoping for inspiration to come and knock me on the head for some new beads to make! Hope you have a great Sunday!

  3. Hope you have a wonderful cozy day inside Lorelei, nothing better than staying indoors on a cold day in your Pj's!!


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