Head Pin Dream Team

Whew. I had such trouble this morning with the Random Integer generator. For some reason it kept giving me 2 of the same number in my 10 picks. Crazy Frustrating. Here we are though, below is the screen shot of the numbers. I did not count multiple comments (there were a few- and by the way I am noticing that happening a lot, people are not thinking their comment isn't registering and they are leaving another and sometimes another.  will look into that issue) And I didn't count Anne's comment or my own deleted comment. Total number of comments this round was 64!

And the dream team is:

re-Maker (please contact me!)
Cheryl (Please contact me!)
Lisa Cone
Creative Designs by Cheri

I will contact you all by email this morning.
If I cannot, I will comment your blog or somehow let you know.


  1. I'm very excited to play along! Now I've got to get going on a design...

    I've noticed repeat comments on my blog too. Not sure what is up with that.

    Thank you Lorelei!

  2. I can not wait to get started!!

  3. Anonymous3/06/2012

    Congratulations to all the happy winners! :)
    I may have been one of the repeat commenters, sorry about that... it just takes forever for a comment to show up, and it doesn't say anything like "has to be approved first", in which case I wouldn't have worried... I was having problems with my internet connection too, so it seemed possible that the comment had not been send. Well, now I know, so it won't happen again. At least your blog doesn't have that stupid Blogger Captcha that won't allow me in for some reason, no matter what I enter...

  4. Congratulations Ladies! Can't wait to see what you all make with them!

  5. Yipee!!! Looking forward to the challenge and the reveal. Thanks lorelei.

  6. woohoo!! This is going to be so much fun! Those balled up ends are going to be a challenge but a fun one to try to come up with something cool! Thanks so much Lorelei!

  7. Congratulations, winners! Those are some truly gorgeous headpins!

  8. OMG! The force must be with me!! I'm super excited (and, lately, I need an assignment to get me to sit at my studio table).

  9. Wow! I am so chuffed to be picked! Thanks Lorelei (and Random.org :-)). Running over to my email to send you my address!

  10. Man, I'm so bummed I missed this. Can't wait to see what everyone makes though!

  11. This headpin give me an idea. We never produce glass bead headpin. So lovely =)


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