Inspiration Mood Board

It's very easy to create your own mood board. Just go into your Etsy favorites, and start saving images to your computer desk top. I altered my images by turning them into Polaroids using, and then put them into a collage using Picasa. Once you start seeing your current favorite beads and components in one place it will make it easier to visualize your next project. Although all of my favorites wouldn't normally be used all in one piece of jewelry, this is a good jumping off point to get my creative juices flowing.  I think that I look to color first, then I find a focal and my design develops from there. This could be done with your favorite photography found on Pinterest or Flickr, or your favorite outfits from an online shop. What the heck would we do without the internet!? We would have to depend on taking a walk and going to the mall to find our inspiration I guess! Hey! There's an idea!


  1. Thanks for the tips Lorelei! I hope to get creating this weekend!

  2. Great idea! I was sort of treating Pinterest that way with some of my boards ... but this is a great way to focus in on inspiration for one project ... which let's face it, sometimes I get 'beader's block!'

  3. Thanks for posting this, it's a great idea!

  4. Picasa and I just don't get along -- I can't MAKE a collage to save my life!


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