New Pendants by Jade

Jade Scott updated her Etsy store with the most perfect Spring time pendants I've seen in a while. You might want to stop in, there are tons of lovelies left, waiting for good homes. Like this awesome square pendant. Could be a charm, could be a pendant. The best "medium" sized charm!

Or how bougt these sweet pinwheel connectors! These would rock for some earrings, or in  a bracelet or necklace design. Love this -powdery blue with pink edges.

Ahhh, sunshine. I can't wait for Winter to be over and Spring to begin. She used some sweet daisy paper in this Sun pendant.


  1. I love Jade's pendants. I use her sweet kite pendant for my bead soup, and it was by far the favorite piece.

    Love this little pinwheels!!!

  2. I appreciate your Jade shop updates...although my bank account would beg to differ stash is a few Jade Scott components richer....xox

  3. I am loving her enamel flower components. Sweet!!

  4. Love the sweet pinwheel. I will have to see how much it would be to own some. they would look great for the challenge you posted.. have a wonderful afternoon!

  5. Her things are so sweet. I love the pinwheels. Perfect for the March ABS! I wanted to add them to my Etsy inspiration post but she was not offering them in her shop at this time. I will go and check it out. Thanks. Enjoy the day! Erin


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