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Did you hear? They are selling jewelry components now at Gander Mtn.! HAAA! Just kidding. But maybe it's a far stretch, I'd love to hear your opinions. I bought this set of two metal carabiners that have an irridescent glow to the surface. I immediately thought CLASP!!
Last night I played around... originally thinking I would use one as a clasp for a bracelet. Turns out it was a tad too small. SO then it turned into a necklace but the coolest part is, it still is convertible because if you use BOTH carabiners, it fits my 7.5 inch wrist perfectly. I suppose if you have a very small wrist, it would fit with just one.

I got in one more piece before retiring to the living room to watch Survivor (Great season btw!!)
This feminine necklace features one of Nancy's fancy pendants. I finally got to use these Strawberry quartz nuggets- they are just the sweetest beads ever. I hand-knotted some faceted glass up the back.


  1. Lorelei, how clever to use carabiners as a connector/clasp! Both pieces are beautiful. I love the bright colors you used in each.

    Happy March!

  2. That is a so, so clever use for a carabiner!! You are going to make husbands all over so happy when their wives say - honey do you want to go to Gander Mt. with me!!! I love both pieces - wonderfully original.

  3. I see a whole new line of jewelry for rock climbers.

  4. Brilliant! I like the carabiner necklace idea but LOVE the bracelet even more. I have a small wrist!! Love your color combination and think you did a wonderful job thinking outside the box.

  5. Beautiful! Love the color combos you chose.

  6. LOVE the carabiners!! and I really love those strawberry quartz nuggets!!!

  7. So many pretties! So what do you think of the women? Do you think the guys should keep helping them? And why did they keep Kat???? I thought that the older lady was a much stronger player. Love to have found another Survivor fan!! =D

  8. I was ready to jump in my van and head to Gander Mountain! LOL
    Sweet necklace and bracelet!

  9. I really like the bracelet version. And your necklace with Nancy's focal is just beautiful. I love the three sections of color. Strawberry quartz nuggets, oh my how gorgeous they are.

  10. Love love love! Only a true artist would look at something at Gander Mtn. and see possibilities.

  11. you clever girl. Very creative and beautiful pieces.

  12. Jenny Steinbeck3/02/2012

    Lovely pieces. Where did you find strawberry quartz? It's really neat.
    Love the Italian notations on your blog "commenti"

    Best wishes--



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