eBook is now available!

 I have some very exciting news to share! Bohemian-Inspired Jewelry is now available at the Interweave Store as a downloadable PDF! The price is $17.95. For those who can't wait to see it when their pre-ordered books arrive, now you can download it and get it today!

We really hope you enjoy it as much as we do! I am so anxious to hear what you think so feel free to leave me some comments if you've downloaded it!


  1. Yay! I prefer to touch a book so I'm waiting for mine hard copy!

  2. I downloaded the pdf version earlier (do most of my reading at the pc, so it's space saving at my desk!) and whilst I haven't read all of the projects in detail yet, I'm very impressed! I love how all the different types of fabric/cord etc. is listed, all the findings for finishing things off...love the details about the knots, all really informative! I was always hesitant about using cord/fabric in designs because I wasn't always sure how to connect things and finish them off in a professional way but after reading just the "facty" bits at the beginning of the book I'll definitely be trying out a lot of the projects (albeit with my own take on them) and making use of the fantastic techniques. Very pleased with my purchase and once again, congrats on the book to both yourself and Erin. Great accomplishment! Natalie x


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