Flap Your Wings Artist Tribute: Judy Glende

 When I sat down to create this necklace, soft piano music was playing on my iPod and thoughts of Judy and how she influenced me and so many of my blog friends. We are all so blessed to have known her even for such a short time! She was a strong member of our beading community, and a successful designer- just look at all the publications she was in recently!  I will never forget how we all collectively sent her well wishes and cards as she was going through treatment. We lost not only a wonderful artist, but we lost a wonderful friend.

 I have decided to keep this necklace for myself as a token of my appreciation for my friend Judy. Something I can wear and be reminded of all that she meant to so many people. She will always be missed.


Amber glass rounds
Faceted Amethyst nuggets
Faceted Nephrite Green Jade
Brass chain
Bird- Elemental Adornments
Brass HOPE ring- Vintaj Brass Co.
Brass chain
Brass wire
Lampwork glass round- Magdalena Ruiz
Resin charm-  Stephanie Meisel